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Are you willing to be a fearless leader in your own life?

What if stepping out and creating the life you desire was easy? What if personal and professional development could actually be fun?

Susan Lazar Hart uses theory from her graduate studies in fine art to transform the way people see and create their relationships with themselves and others. From body image and intimacy issues to the inner dialogue of fear that holds us back, Susan sees with a uniquely artistic perspective what others cannot. She then delivers the tools and processes to instantly shift any challenge or obstacle.

Through candid revelations about her personal relationships and humorous tales about her many years facilitating, Susan will instantly disarm and delight you. Is now the time to accept the ultimate invitation to let your guard down, dive into your life and embrace the fine art of being a fearless leader?

Appearing on many stages, international radio shows and telesummits, Susan is the CEO of Right Relationship for YOU™ and a licensed Access Consciousness® and Access 3-Day Body Facilitator. Affectionately called “Lazer” Hart by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, Susan swiftly yet elegantly facilitates people to greater choice and possibilities in all areas of life. She holds professional and personal coaching certification (PPCC) from Concordia University, Montreal and has trained in the Fine Arts (BFA and MFA) at Vermont College at Norwich University and Concordia Universities in Canada.











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