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What is Right Relationship for You™

Right Relationship for You™

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What if all your relationships contributed to you rather than drained you?

What if your relationships no longer had to be about drama, frustration, self-sacrifice, judgment or fitting in with everyone else?

The Right Relationship for You™ is about you and your life. It’s about moving you from who you have decided you cannot be or what you cannot change to what you have been asking for. And that includes your relationships!

Right Relationship For You gives you a very different perspective and dynamic tools for breakthroughs on issues that have you stuck, stymied or bewildered —with family, partners, your body, money flows, work, and most importantly with yourself.

What is Right Relationship For You™?

Right Relationship For You gives you the means to create relationships with awareness. In the process you discover what is true for you and the infinite possibilities for being, having and creating what you desire in all areas of your life.

Using these tools and techniques will empower you to create dynamic change in every relationship, with yourself, your body, your finances, your business and your family.

Whether you currently have a significant other, are dating, or choose to be single, Right Relationship for You provides tools to empower YOU with any of these choices.

How does Right Relationship For You™ differ from other relationship coaching?

The speed and ease with which you can create change is rare and unique to this program. Right Relationship For You uses questions and verbal processes to give you more awareness of where you have been functioning from limitation in your relationships so you can choose something different. These processes quickly unlock the energetic blockages created by your underlying points of view, giving you greater choice, freedom and clarity. It is through you becoming more aware of what choices and possibilities are available and clearing limiting viewpoints that you are able to choose and generate the relationships you truly desire.

What is Access Consciousness®?

Access Consciousness is a set of tools and processes that you can apply to any area of your life and see results. You may have tried anything and everything to make a change in your life, sometimes with little or no effect. What’s different about Access? We target the judgments you use to limit and block yourself. The Access processes bypass your thinking brain to allow you to energetically clear away the points of view that keep you generating the same problems again and again, so that something new can show up.

The tools used by the Right Relationship for you Facilitators and in The Right Relationship for You classes are from Access Consciousness®, founded by Gary Douglas.

How is Right Relationship for You™ related to Access Consciousness®?

The tools and philosophies of Right Relationship for You originally came from Access Consciousness and its founder, Gary Douglas. In 2008, Gary invited Susan to be co-create Right Relationship For You™ and to develop it as her own modality. She has been expanding the program ever since, including a facilitator training program in 2011.

So what exactly is “consciousness”?

Consciousness (or awareness) is the willingness to just BE with no point of view. Consciousness offers us a very different way of being with ourselves and others. It provides more space for us; more space for others; more space for the planet. It is full allowance, for each other and for our choices, without doubt or hesitation. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing..



Designed to make you giggle, wonder and anticipate… what else is possible in your relationship with YOU? Create a class with friends or join one with strangers. You’ll soon discover what you’ve been missing out with this match made in heaven.

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Yep, I said it. Sex. Have questions you’re afraid to ask? The Q&A in this class is presented in a fun, funny, irreverent and life-changing way. Start getting the sex you’d really like to have with this quickie 1.5 HOUR CLASS.

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Ready to explore all the aspects of relationship? New Beginnings is the perfect 2 DAY intro class. It gives you a comprehensive overview of what else is possible for you in relationships while providing fellowship and support on the road to discovery.

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Looking for a deeper way to reconnect with you, your body or your partner? Take your journey to the next level with answers to questions you may not have thought to ask. This 2 Day Class is about creating something nobody else is willing to create.

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This 3 Day CLASS provides resources and credibility to assist others on their journey but you don’t have to become a Certified Facilitator to participate. Simply integrate the tools into other work you do, or use them in your own relationships and life.

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