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Creating The Life You Want!

As your heart-centered, transformational, and motivational mindset coach, my powerful techniques using The Congruent Life Method will reframe your thoughts around mindset, money, health and  relationships to create the balanced life you’ve been searching for!

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How I Can Help You

The Congruent Life Method will help you overcome the fear, doubt, worry and self consciousness that you're struggling with so you can step forward confidently, creating and living a life YOU love... by choice!

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VIP Lazer Coaching

My one-on-one virtual mindset coaching program's individually designed to focus on YOUR specific needs and targets. Perfect for those who prefer a more intimate, customized approach.

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VIP Lazer Coaching
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Congruent Living Academy

This Academy offers a powerful balance of coaching, mentoring and the support of an encouraging community of other like-minded individuals creating a congruent life.

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Congruent Living Academy
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Online Courses & Resources

If you prefer to focus on improving specific areas in your life, such as creating a powerful mindset, my mini-courses are an effective and convenient way to take each step, at your own pace.

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Online Courses & Resources

Loved and Trusted by My Clients

Read what my clients are saying! I'm honored to have been part of their journey, helping them make the necessary changes to create a congruent life!


Susan Lazar Hart
The Power of the Method!

The Congruent Life Method

The power of The Congruent Life Method encompasses the proven techniques, mindset and processes that will help you create and live your best congruent life - on your terms!

What IS a congruent life?

It's a delicious, harmonious life where you're empowered to follow and live by your OWN beliefs and values - not someone else's.

It's reflected in your thoughts, feelings and conversations which align with your dreams, personal targets and spiritual connections.

P.S. A few times a year, I offer The Life Congruent Method Masterclass. The ultimate guide to living the beautiful, happy life you desire! Join the waiting list now for our next Masterclass!

Susan Lazar Hart
Create a Life You Love!

2023 Congruent Living Academy!

Feeling overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, like something's missing in your life?

You need congruency in your life! So what IS a congruent life?

It's living in harmony! Following your own dreams, values, beliefs, and desires. Not someone else’s.

It means you’re not distracted or influenced by the desires, values and beliefs of others... but recognizing what it is that YOU want in life!

The Academy will help you create a mindset that allows you to live, do, be and feel in complete harmony with what it is you desire in life… a congruent life!

That means better relationships... financial abundance... a fulfilling and joyous lifestyle!

This Academy is a powerful combination of coaching, mentoring, tools and access to a collaborative and supportive private community designed to guide you through the processes of creating the life you truly desire!

To build confidence, find clarity and be empowered to make the changes to build the life YOU want, on YOUR terms!

You don't have to do it alone! I'll be there by your side. Supporting, encouraging and empowering you to be the person you desire. To live a life you love!

Susan Lazar Hart
Supportive Community

Be Part of My Community!

This private Facebook Page is a supportive and informative community that offers a safe space where you can share ideas, ask questions and chat with myself and other like minded individuals.

Create a Positive Mindset... by Choice!

Transformational Motivational Mindset Moment!

You Bring Your Notebook, I'll Bring The Inspiration and Insider Knowledge.

Join me every Monday on my Facebook Page for my Transformational Motivational Mindset Moment where I'll share juicy topics and tips on building a beautiful and abundant mindset!


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Check out and share my valuable weekly posts, written to provide you with valuable tips, information and resources on how to build confidence, self love and care and methods to create a life you love... a beautiful congruent life!

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