Susan Lazar Hart



Are you willing to be a fearless leader in your own life?

What if stepping out and creating the life you desire was easy? What if personal and professional development could actually be fun?

CEO of Right Relationship for you, international speaker, author, and motivational relationship coach, Susan Lazar Hart’s specialty is deep listening. With that she brings her uncanny ability to pose questions that create curiosity, awareness and different possibilities. Susan has worked with thousands of women who are struggling for more meaning in their lives. She addresses their fears and desires with allowance and reflects back to them their courage so they can capture their groove without sacrificing self, intimacy or connection.

As a speaker appearing on many stages, international radio shows and telesummits, Susan will instantly disarm and delight you through her candid revelations about her personal journey in discovering how to let go of what isn’t working and inviting in what does so so you too can discover what creates a joyous conscious life.

Is now the time to accept the ultimate invitation to let your guard down, dive into your life and embrace the fine art of being you?

Susan holds professional and personal coaching certification (PPCC) from Concordia University, Montreal and has trained in the Fine Arts (BFA and MFA) at Vermont College at Norwich University and Concordia Universities in Canada



Q&A: Respect

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A 12-Month Journey For Women Who Came Here To Make A Difference

Join us for this year-long series, with each month dedicated to improving a key piece of your life. You’ll instantly become part of a premium community of women who are no longer satisfied with life as usual and are asking for more.

This month we are changing everything around. Each month we will play for first 3 weeks with Live Zoom calls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and weekend homeplays.

You can join in on month by month basis or straight in with 3 months.

What others are saying about Bring the Nurturing in: Series.

Lizette Mimenza · Susan I have been doing the homeplay!! OMG I have this new ‘something,’ this new energy full of joy!!! And I think everybody is feeling it at home, things are easy and joyful.

Katharina Pirchenfellner · Thank you Susan for your wonderful energy! It was so inspiring and helped me change a lot in this short time! You helped me to learn a lot more about being the question, I love to play with it a lot! I am so grateful for your presents from your presence. And the biggest gift is the fact that I got a completely new access to my body! I really love my body, to follow what’s required from me to nurture me in the best possible way, every moment. Thank you! I adore you!



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