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Courage with Clarity, A Habit to Practice Daily

“Courage with clarity”’ cause it’s never too late to dream big and reach beyond the tried and true.

Have you ever noticed that each morning provides you with endless possibilities to recommit to what you’ve been asking to create?

As an uber creative and a seeker, new projects are exciting.

My approach is to tap in energetically to those projects that are tugging and ask these questions.

*Does the energy of what and how I’m creating match the energy of what is tugging at me to be created?

*Does this truly bring me joy? In what way?

Getting clear

Asking this requires me to be gut honest with what I’m asking to create and what is just a busy distraction.

That’s what I call being courageous with clarity.

When I am clear, I feel like I am able to create with whatever comes my way.

I am able to step into being courageous and go for it, knowing that nothing is a risk.

Even when a task feels difficult, I avoid breaking down. I actively look for alternatives to get me to my desired possibilities. I honor my word to be courageous and keep going.

Courage helps me to think on my feet and find solutions.

Today, I realize that I am in charge of the outcome of my circumstances. I am committed to remaining positively courageous and confident in every situation. My display of courage to myself keeps me on the path to success.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What encouraging words do you say to yourself to give you the clarity you require?
2. In what way does this bring you joy?

Here’s to a brilliant new year of living a life with courage and clarity that loves you back

Big Hugs


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