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How to tap into the power growing inside you.

Have you noticed there’s a lot of demand for our attention going on in the world right now?! 

Events we hear and read about can leave one feeling confused or disheartened, often causing us to question what we could be doing, how we should be feeling or who we came here to be.

How  do you shift from being constantly distracted to tapping into what creates a success filled life?

The first thing you need to do is to step back and take an aerial view of what it is you’re creating. 

Ask yourself, what are my intentions – and is this bringing me closer to the future I know is possible, to what I intended to create?

What may surprise you about this entire, beautiful process, is that it is ALL possible. That the power to create is already within you!

Now you just need to activate that power – through intention, with purpose.

Intention isn’t something to DO – as in – “I intended to get that done.” But rather, it represents commitments of what you choose to BE! 

It’s a state in which your body and mind aren’t running the show. 

You’re not focused on the nitty gritty details of HOW you will achieve your desires – but just trusting and knowing that your actions, energy, and intentions WILL attract and manifest what it is that you truly desire.

Consider this. A seed evolves into a flower. An acorn becomes a sapling that grows into a tree. 

Every aspect of nature has an act of intention in it. And so do we!

Intention is a force within the Universe, it’s an omnipresent power and energy that encompasses everything and everyone. Including you!

We’re all connected to this incredible source. 

The key is to recognize that, so we can embrace our own true Intention. 

That means surrendering and letting go of what you THINK you are – and what you thought you were supposed to do and be – and welcoming the delicious state of clarity and being present! 

Creating what it is that you are asking to be.

My next question?

Does this align with where I’m asking to go?

If that’s a no, look within. 

Ask yourself what it is you intended to create. Does that still work for you?

If that’s a yes, set those intentions, capture that energy and be THAT! 


Take purposeful daily actions, acknowledging that you have the capability and capacity to create just that.

Feel the power growing inside you 

The most important thing to remember, that to truly live your life with intention – you must be open to the energy and powers of the Universe. 

Embrace, accept and believe in what you know to be true for you. 

The more you practice living with intention, the easier it becomes – and the more powerful you’ll become!

How does it get any better than that?


“The power of intention is the power of love and receptivity. Remember: You were intended out of love, so you must be love in order to intend”

–   Wayne Dyer –


Here’s to creating a life with intention.

Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!


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