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5 Signs That Your Intuition is Speaking to You!

Wondering how you can recognize when your intuition is at play – or if you even have it?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions over the past few weeks wondering how a person can recognize when their intuition is popping – or questioning if they even have it.

First, I want to confirm that yes – we ALL have those sweet whispers of awareness. Those moments where we’ve got a “Good feeling” about something – or even a “Bad feeling.”

Intuition isn’t this grand dramatic event or boisterous dialogue from the skies. It’s a chain of delicious signals. An inner sense. An internal voice. What’s so amazing about our intuition is, the more aware we are of the signs to watch for – the more in tune we’ll be with all of those telling messages.

These are five of my favorite tell-tale signs that your intuition is speaking to you.

1.       You’re CREATING on purpose… Not CHASING after your purpose.

When we become so focused on trying to FIND our purpose in life, we miss out on the beautiful internal power we each possess, to create the life we want – on purpose! It’s being intentional about what it is we desire in life. Where we want to go. Who we want to be. What we want to create. It’s closely tuning in, taking action, and making those aspirations come to fruition.

2.       Acknowledge those AHA’s!

You know those powerful moments when it feels like a light bulb went off? Whether it’s a new idea or thought, where you almost feel at peace, instantly giving you that feeling of clarity. You may not even know exactly what it is – you just immediately know, in your gut, that you’re on the right path. That it’s going to work out!

3.       You feel like you’re in the right place at the right time.

It’s a comforting feeling – just knowing, without a doubt that you’re exactly where you need to be at that very moment. That’s when you realize that you’re in sync with the Universe. The key to continuing that momentum is to avoid analysis paralysis. Continue following that sense of being guided before your subconscious mind start’s popping questions and doubt into your head.

4.       You have reservations… When no one else does.

It’s those times when you feel like something’s off, but you can’t put your finger on it. Maybe it’s not the right time – or it’s no longer relevant to your current focus. When you find that you seem to be the only one who’s questioning something in particular – and wondering why no one else sees it – trust that gut instinct! It’s likely that others are either not hearing – or are completely ignoring their own intuition.

5.       Listen to your body.

Our body can reveal so much about how we feel, what we’re thinking and what we want – and don’t want. The key is being aware, tuning in and listening to our body. Are you feeling queasy and anxious, or energized and excited. Ask yourself if these feelings you’re experiencing in your body are linked to the thought or action of doing – or not doing something. Your body can provide you with telltale signs before your mind is even able to process it. Close your eyes and hear what your body is telling you!

Intuition is like your own built-in navigation system. We all have it. It’s just a matter of tuning in and letting it help guide you to where you want to go and creating your life on purpose.

I would love to know which of these methods resonates most with you. Or do you have some juicy methods that I didn’t mention?

What’s popping for you?


“Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.”

–   Sylvia Clare –


Here’s to listening in, acknowledging, and creating the life you truly desire!

Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!


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