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Emotionally Exhausted? These Tips Can Help You Optimise Your Emotional Health!

Feeling stressed?



Our emotions can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

If left unchecked, emotional exhaustion will continue to build, having a negative impact on our overall health and life. – both personally and professionally.

These emotions can be triggered by changes and challenges we face in life.

Losing a loved one… a job… marriage… or a relationship.

Maybe you’re in the Sandwich Generation, being a caregiver, not just for your own family, but for your aging parents.

Then there’s the financial stress that can stem from any of these situations.

That’s why emotional self care is essential!

It’s something we need to implement into our everyday life.

Self care is the things we do to take care of our own wellbeing.

Emotions are energy in motion. Energy that gives us information of what works and doesn’t work for us, evoking certain feelings.

We may even attach our emotions to other people or things. Immersing ourselves into a relationship or job. Or using something tangible, such as food or shopping, to reward, comfort or suppress our emotions.

Understanding and tuning in to our emotions becomes a balancing act between recognizing what’s being asked of us, what brings us joy, and taking the time to rest, reflect, replenish, and renew.

What exactly is emotional self care?

It’s something that allows you to achieve a delicious level of sensation and awareness from within. To honour yourself and your emotions.

Emotional self care is being kind, patient and loving towards ourselves, our wellbeing and nurturing the growth of others.

How do we optimise our emotional self care?

Tap in, tune in, and ask yourself these key questions…

1.      Am I making myself my own priority? Learn how to say YES to the emotions that bring you joy. Sit and think quietly about what truly brings joyfulness to your life.

2.      Is this honouring my word to myself to create a life I truly love? Knowing that I’m taking care of my personal commitments while contributing to and creating positive shifts and changes for myself and those around me.

3.      Am I listening to my body? Although this also aligns with our physical wellbeing, your body is tied into your emotions. It’s your best advocate and lifelong friend and partner to help support you through this journey of creating the life you desire.

Check out these four additional juicy BONUS questions to optimise your Emotional Self Care!

Emotional self care is about leading a life of joy and contentment. It can help you centre yourself so you’re not afraid to face all the challenges coming your way.


“…If you feel “burnout” setting in, if you feel demoralised and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and RESTORE yourself.”

–   Dalai Lama –


Here’s to recognizing how essential your emotional self care is to create the life you truly desire…by choice!

Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!


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