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Feel Like You’re Runnin’ Out of Gas? Fill Your “Tank” with These Helpful Tips!

Most of us have been there. Your vehicle loses momentum. Sputtering along until it comes to a halt.

Running out of gas is a helpless feeling. Being stuck and unable to go where you want to go. And no matter how many times you try the ignition, nothing happens…

There’s just nothing left in the tank to fuel the engine.

Our body works in the same way.

If we don’t take care of ourselves – taking the time and effort to fuel our body, mind, and soul – we’ll quickly lose our energy and momentum.

Self care is a conscious act we choose to take, to promote our own physical, mental, and emotional health.

It’s an essential and necessary step to create the deliciously healthy, happy, and abundant life we desire.

Yet, surprisingly, a lot of people still consider self-care as a luxurious, selfish act. 

Actually, self care is a loving, SELFLESS act. One that not only fuels you, preparing for the challenges that we all face, but it also provides you with the balance and strength you need, to be there to support and encourage those around us.

In this week’s video [link to Sept 19 live video], I speak about physical self care and the connection between our body and overall emotional and spiritual health.

But you’ll likely have some “unlearning” to do after years of being told as a child, what our bodies should feel and look and act  like.

How are our body and mind intertwined?

A fitting example is when we get those “gut” feelings. 

When something just doesn’t feel right.

Or when we worry and stress over our work, finances, or relationships

and our muscles get tense, our mind races and we feel nauseous.

Those are just a couple of ways that our physical body connects to our mind. There’s no denying that our physical health has an enormous impact on our moods, emotional and mental health.

So how do we create the self-care that our body requires?

Tap in and tune in to your body and ask yourself ……

 Am I getting enough sleep? Am I fueling my body with what brings it joy? Am I moving  in a way that keeps me energised and strong?

What’s it telling you? Is it hungry? Is it craving particular nutrients? Water? Sleep? Being active and moving? 

We have an abundance of choices on how we can take care of ourselves.

Just like the car analogy, we need to take care of this yummy body and engine through regular maintenance. 

Its about listening to your body’s engine, ,keeping your tank full and making sure everything is working congruently to be the most efficient it can be!

Physical self care is essential to keeping ourselves powered up, motivated and resilient. Our body is what keeps our motor – and our mind – rolling and moving forward!

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

Here’s to recognizing how essential your physical self care is to create the life you truly desire…by choice!

Have a wonderful week filled with confidence and inspiration!


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