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Use these tools to Reconnect to Your True Nature

Use these tools to Re-Connect to Your True Nature

Do you struggle with FOMO?… the fear of missing out?

Or find yourself trying to fit in… just because everyone else seems happy doing just that?

How many times have you found yourself grasping for narratives that are fed to you by others, just trying to MAKE them true? Whether it’s out of fear, shame or just believing you don’t even have a voice?

All these thought processes and actions are what will lead you AWAY from a congruent life, losing out on all the deliciousness of… well, YOU! Missing out on all that YOU truly desire.

When you’re drawn into believing the stories of others, tales that are all based on their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and desires, you start to feel that your own beliefs and desires are irrelevant, unimportant – maybe even selfish. You start losing yourself.

But here’s the thing my friend! You can make the changes necessary to find and reconnect with yourself again!

These five juicy key elements can help you reconnect to your true nature.

Learn to be with you

When you tune out the noise and tap in, you can start listening to you! Taking that leap of faith and being honest with yourself, focusing on and connecting with what makes YOU feel alive.

Gift yourself the time to get to know you

For so long, you’ve been unknowingly seduced into walking a path that didn’t lead you to yourself, but rather to someone else’s point of view of who and how they think you should be. Get to know yourself. Get into the habit of gifting yourself 10 minutes each morning as you wake to be present, appreciate and be inspired by who you truly are!

Create a judgment-free zone

Discover your beautiful true nature! If you’re focusing on what isn’t or hasn’t worked, those are the energies that you’re actually connecting to. They’re the systems and beliefs that you were taught to pay attention to rather than asking yourself, what else is possible. Here for me? What would I love?

Connect with your gut again

Connect with the true emotions that you’re feeling. Be with you. Observe what you notice about yourself – not what others notice. The sooner you’re willing to discover yourself with no judgment, the sooner you’ll have that authentic freedom to create your own path in living a life you love.

Do what you love… with no strings attached

As you connect to the way you would love to feel, ask yourself- what would I love to create today? This allows you to not only let go of yesterday, but express yourself freely, joyously in the now. That’s where you’ll find that alignment in creating greater.

As children, we came into this world, for the most part, being authentic, bold, unapologetic, and unashamed. We were curious and naturally followed our instinct. Then, somewhere along the way we were conditioned OUT of self-love by all those stories, beliefs, narratives, and paradigms created by others.

That’s why it’s essential that you tap in and listen to what your gut feelings are telling you. Notice as you practice these 5 key elements how you begin to separate those “learned” beliefs from your “true” nature, one that YOU’ve been asking to create with all these years.

Are you ready to jump start this journey and take that leap of faith? Message me here! I’ll walk you through the actual steps, strategies, and processes that I use with my clients in creating a successful, juicy, joyous life they look forward to creating everyday!

Now’s the time to start envisioning yourself creating your own narrative. To discover what turns you on… lights you up… energizes your world.

“For many years, I wandered through the desert in search of a narrative that was not mine.”
– Terry Tempest Williams – 

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude!

I truly value you and your thoughts, and I’d love for you to share in the comments below which of those five nuggets really stood out for you.

Here’s to creating a life you love,

P.S. Have you lost your zest for life? Feeling numb about what to turn next? Remember, you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve been traveling the world speaking on the connective healing energies of body, mind and soul, mentoring creatives and seekers since the year 2000. It was in 2015 when I really dove into the private mentorship piece and have been working specifically inside of the Congruent Living Method as a life coaching since supporting people in living their best life

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