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Finding True Meaning in Holiday Giving: A Transformational Journey

Today, we have a heartfelt question from our dear friend Michelle.

‘Susan, it’s that time of year again, and I’m feeling down because I don’t have much money for holiday giving. Can you help me find meaningful ways to celebrate without breaking the bank?’

Michelle, thank you for sharing this profound question, and to all our readers, get ready for a transformative discussion on finding the true essence of holiday giving, even when finances are tight.

Well, Michelle, today, we’ll explore this question through three distinct segments, and I’ll be sharing stories and examples to help us navigate this journey:

Component  1: Shifting Gift Perspectives

In this segment, we’re going to delve into the strong link between money and gift-giving during the holiday season. Many of us feel stressed and pressured to spend more, believing that the value of our generosity is directly tied to the price tag of our presents.

Let me share a personal story with you. A few years ago, a client of mine found herself in a similar situation to Michelle’s, with limited funds for holiday gifts. She decided to get creative and make personalized gifts for her loved ones. The joy and gratitude they expressed were priceless, showing that meaningful celebrations don’t require extravagant spending.

Component 2: Meaningful Holiday Actions

What if the true essence of giving isn’t about the price of the presents we exchange but the thought and love behind them? Allow me to share an example. Last year, a friend of mine decided to give the gift of time and connection. Instead of traditional presents, she organized a virtual gathering where we shared stories, laughter, and cherished moments. It was a reminder that creative, low-cost gift ideas can bring immense joy to someone’s heart.

And then there’s Sarah, a member of the Congruent Living Academy. She decided to celebrate the holidays by performing acts of kindness in her neighborhood. From helping an elderly neighbor with groceries to leaving handwritten notes of encouragement, Sarah’s actions created a ripple of positivity that touched many lives.

Component 3: Intention and Presence

Component  3 emphasizes the significance of genuine intention and being fully present during the holidays. It’s about infusing authenticity and mindfulness into our actions.

I’ll share a personal experience where my family and I transformed a simple holiday moment into something extraordinary through the power of intention and presence. It was during a family holiday weekend when I noticed people were communicating with their devices more than with each other. So, I decided to create a new house rule: Leave your phones in the entryway as you come in; no devices at the table or in the living room. This has led to holiday family gatherings filled with shared discoveries, old-fashioned multi-generational games, and heartfelt conversations. The warmth and connection we feel in looking forward to celebrating with each other each year remind me that the true magic of the holidays lies in our presence and choosing to be present with each other.

By embracing these three components of Shifting Gift Perspectives, Meaningful Holiday Actions, and Intention and Presence, I hope you feel guided towards a more meaningful and fulfilling holiday season, even when resources are limited.

Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey, and to our dear friend Michelle, your question has illuminated a path towards a more profound celebration of the holidays. Remember, it’s not about the price tag; it’s about the love and intention you bring to every moment.

Until next time, live boldly, love greatly, and be the fearless giver you’re meant to be.


“It’s not about the price tag; it’s about the love and intention you bring to every moment.”

-Susan Lazar Hart-

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude! Here’s to living a life you love. Big hugs,


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