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Relationship Kindness: Navigating Fight or Flight Moments

Today’s topic is quirky yet profound and has surfaced through my conversations with clients this week. Many have expressed feelings of wanting to flee or fight within their relationships. But let’s remember, a relationship isn’t just with a partner – it’s with your body, your business, your family, and even your finances. Let’s dive into the concept of kindness in our relationships and how it can transform our fight-or-flight responses.

The Heart of the Matter:

When you’re ready to either fight tooth and nail or run for the hills, pause and ask yourself, is this reaction kind to me? Is it kind to the other party involved? Often, we’re not considering our partner, boss, or colleagues when we’re in the heat of the moment. We’re reacting to a situation based on preconceived notions and anticipated outcomes.

Fight or Flight – Is it Kind to You?

If you’re in fight or flight mode, it’s worth dissecting the beliefs and emotions driving you. Is this need to escape or confront born from something that’s actually serving you? Or is it a knee-jerk reaction to an unexamined trigger? Whose voice are you hearing when you gear up for battle or prepare to bolt – is it truly yours?

Waiting It Out – Is It Any Kinder?

Then there’s the waiting game, where you sit on pins and needles, hoping for a situation to change or resolve itself. But is there kindness in anticipation, in the rejection and separation that often accompanies waiting? There’s a stark difference between being present and strategically patient versus passively waiting for the winds of change to blow in your favor.

Your Relationship Style – What Is It, Really?

What does your relationship style say about your approach to kindness? It’s worth exploring how your interactions may or may not be steeped in kindness – to yourself, to others, and to the situation at hand.

A Kindness-Centered Approach:

What if, instead of reacting or waiting, you asked: What would be the kindest possibility here, for myself and for all involved in my relationships? This question can shift perspectives, alter outcomes, and redefine the fabric of our interactions.

As we wrap up this exploration, I encourage you to ponder these thoughts. Reflect on how kindness, or the lack thereof, is playing out in your relationships. Share your insights and experiences in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

And always remember: The world doesn’t just need more of you; it needs more kindness, your kindness.

“A thriving relationship isn’t just about the love felt at the start but how well you keep cultivating love throughout its course.”

Susan Lazar Hart-

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude! Here’s to living a life you love. Big hugs,


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