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Puzzles and Pieces: Identifying Your Role in Relationships

This month, which is dedicated to relationships, we’re piecing together an intriguing puzzle: What’s your relationship style? Are you a Contributor, a Celebrator, a Creator, or are you watching from the sidelines? Let’s explore these roles and see where you fit into the grand design of your relationships.

The Roles We Play

Life’s relational puzzle is vast and varied, and each of us has a part to play. Think of your relationships as a mosaic of interactions, where every piece is essential, every role is meaningful, and the picture isn’t complete without your contribution.

The Contributor

Contributors are the bedrock of any relationship. You’re reliable, always there to lend an ear or a helping hand. Your role is crucial, but there’s a gentle reminder: Don’t let your piece fade into the background. Your needs, dreams, and aspirations matter. Balance your giving with self-care, and ensure your puzzle piece shines bright.

The Celebrator

Then, there are the Celebrators—life’s cheerleaders. Your enthusiasm and support are infectious, and you can make others feel valued and victorious. However, don’t just reserve your cheers for others. Take time to honor your triumphs, for your story is as inspiring as the ones you applaud.

The Creator

Creators, you’re the visionaries who initiate and innovate in relationships. Your drive and ambition set the course, leading to new experiences and growth. While you’re building bridges and forging bonds, remember to co-create. Invite others into your process, and watch as the collective creativity blooms into something even more extraordinary.

The Sideline Sitter

And what about those on the sidelines? If you find yourself here, it might seem like you’re merely an observer of life’s game. But look closer. The sidelines offer a perspective filled with potential. From here, you can strategize, learn, and jump into the game as a Contributor, Celebrator, or Creator when the moment feels right. The sidelines aren’t a place of permanence but a springboard into the action.

Finding Your Fit

Understanding our predominant role can offer clarity and direction as we navigate the complexities of our relationships. It’s a dance of give-and-take, of sharing the spotlight and having our solo. Which role do you find yourself playing most often? Which roles would you like to bring more into your life?

Every piece matters in the puzzle of relationships. Your uniqueness adds to the richness of the collective picture. So, consider blending your piece with others to create a harmonious and complete tableau.

Ready to step off the sidelines and into a more active role in your relationships? Join the Congruent Living Community, where we embrace each puzzle piece with open arms. Let’s celebrate, create, and contribute to the masterpiece of our interconnected lives.

Remember that you are essential to the puzzle until we meet again. Own your space, celebrate your place, and let’s create a vibrant picture together.

“Relationships are like a puzzle. Each piece is unique, but together, they create a beautiful picture.”

Susan Lazar Hart-

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude! Here’s to living a life you love. Big hugs,


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