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Embracing Authentic Connections: Navigating Relationships with Intention

Dear Susan, I’ve been reflecting on my relationships lately, and I realize that many of them feel stagnant or misaligned with who I’ve become. How can I apply the principles of Congruent Living to create more authentic and fulfilling connections with the people in my life?” – Maria Wolkman

Thank you, Maria, and welcome to a journey of self-discovery and relationship transformation. In response to your thought-provoking question, let’s explore the essence of Congruent Living. This journey is dedicated to nurturing relationships with honesty, integrity, and self-reflection, ensuring that they are in harmony with our evolving selves.

At the core of Congruent Living are the principles found in Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements,” with a special focus on the first: being impeccable with your word. This principle is not just about honesty but about honoring our commitments and engaging with others authentically and sincerely.

Reassessing Agreements:

Our relationships are frameworks of agreements, spoken and unspoken, that shape our interactions. However, as we evolve, so too should these agreements. It’s vital to reflect: Do these agreements still resonate with who I am and my journey? Adjusting our relational contracts to reflect our current selves ensures our connections remain vibrant and true.

Living Authentically:

True authenticity in our relationships starts with a candid dialogue with ourselves. Are we maintaining agreements that no longer serve us? Are we afraid of the vulnerability that comes with honest self-reflection? By confronting these questions, we pave the way for more genuine interactions and deeper connections.

Embracing Change:

Life’s only constant is change, and our relationships must ebb and flow with this natural rhythm. It’s healthy and necessary to let go of outdated agreements and forge new ones that mirror our current beliefs and desires. This openness to change encourages our relationships to grow and flourish alongside us.

Now that we’ve journeyed through the principles of Congruent Living together, I invite you, Maria, and all our readers to take a bold step forward. Reflect on your current relationships and the agreements that shape them. Are they true to your current self and values? It’s time to initiate honest conversations, reassess your commitments, and embrace the changes necessary for growth.

I encourage you to share your insights, challenges, and victories in this journey. Join our Congruent Living community conversation, or contact me directly for a deeper discussion.

Together, let’s create relationships that are fulfilling and true reflections of our authentic selves.

Embrace the journey, and remember, every step you take towards honesty and integrity in your relationships is a step towards a more congruent, joyful life.

“Living authentically requires us to be in constant dialogue with ourselves. It’s about being honest and courageous in our self-reflection.”

Susan Lazar Hart-

Have a wonderful week filled with love and gratitude! Here’s to living a life you love. Big hugs,


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