Did this ever happen to you?

Sunday found me lying on the couch, mindlessly flipping through Facebook, knowing that if I continued I would miss that window where I love to start my day: a morning walk, a quiet meditation, something motivational/transformational to reflect on that nurtures me and the spheres I’m playing in.

The truth is, how I start my day lets me know if I intend to honor my commitment to myself or not.

We make choices constantly, whether we’re conscious of them or not.

In each of these moments of choice, there are many possibilities.

It’s too easy for me to roll out of bed and wander through my day with no direction or drive.

And it’s just a choice.

Without having clear intentions we tend to react to life, getting swayed and jolted around by the circumstances and events around us.

When we follow through with clear intentions, it’s easier for us to see and decipher what of the events and interactions around us are serving us and which are not.

In other words, having an intention creates a destination or a point we want to achieve.

A great question to ask as you awake each morning is:

Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventure can I engage in order to continue to create?

Does starting your day with intention create new possibilities?

What’s your awareness? Comment below and let me know!

In this week’s Congruent Living Quickie, I am sharing with you:

4 Tips to Enhance the Power of Your Intention

  1. Focus
    When setting an intention, make sure it deeply resonates with you. It should make you want to jump out of bed and into your day.
  2. Connect to Your Why
    Make sure what you’re choosing to create is deeply connected to what brings you joy.
  3. Leave Your Fears Behind
    Add in an exhale of fears into your routine. Inhale deeply what you are asking to create with today and exhale all your fears and doubts that are holding you back.
    Now, dive into your life unafraid.
  4. Practice creating every day as if it was a brand new day
    Setting your intentions once is great, The magic begins there. The more you do it, the more focused your life will be.

Intentional Living: It’s a habit worth creating

If these tips stir up a need for more focus and direction in your life, reach out to me. Let’s book a free exploratory call.

Your life is too precious to waste on the sidelines.

Here’s to your new joy filled, empowered life!

Big hugs,


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