Hi, I'm Susan!

Your heart-centered, transformational, motivational mindset coach!

Proud Wife. Devoted Mom. Grateful Grandma. A Strong, Fearless and Fun Optimist Living My Best Life and Passionate About Helping Others Create THEIR Best Life... By Choice!

The Congruent Life Method is like nothing else on the market. It’s designed to help you recognize and understand what’s important to you. Reframing your thoughts around money, health, relationships, and self-love. Taking care of and being true to yourself.

Yup! I know my stuff! 

Having worked with thousands of clients worldwide, I’ve seen the amazing things that happen when you step into greater awareness. 

Client’s who’ve been able to overcome fear and worry. Building their confidence to create a life they love!

As a coach, mentor, speaker, and author, I’ve been honored to be part of, and witness the beautiful transformations of my clients! 

The Congruent Life Method is a proven and effective way to show you how to recognize those limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Empowering you to build a powerful mindset. One that attracts abundance, creates confidence and builds healthy relationships. 

If this sounds like the type of life you desire, don’t wait!… Let’s chat so you can start creating and living a life you love!

“Thank you Susan! I am more aware now of what I call my intuition is more in my daily life and it has always been with me. Just acknowledge this is who I be!”

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