Susan Lazar Hart
Susan Lazar Hart

What if transformation could actually be fearless, fun, and even easy?

I’ve worked with thousands of clients and I’m always inspired by the profound changes they’ve been able to make in their lives. What’s even more surprising is how quickly they’re willing to skip over their successes to focus on new problems or issues they’d like to address. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for progress and am addicted to “what’s next?”, but I’ve been doing this long enough to have learned a trick or two…

What if you took time to acknowledge the tiny shifts and choices you make every day? What would happen if were to live more consciously?

Here’s one thing I know for sure: An amazing thing happens when you step into any amount of greater awareness. You begin to recognize the life you love IN THE MOMENT, when you’re actually creating it.

If you feel stuck longing for a relationship, body or life you’re not quite sure how to create, pause a moment and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

Look at old photos if you’ve got some. This is a great way to see the transformations that have taken place over time, most likely through a series of small shifts and choices. When you were little you didn’t just wake up one day to be ‘grown up’. You experimented, experienced and played. You were in the question… What if you embraced that kind of curiosity again?

I’m grateful for all the tiny shifts and choices you’ve made to bring you here today and look forward to helping you create the relationships, body and life you want RIGHT NOW… at any age!

Take a peek at some of my favorite moments below and join me on my next adventure. I’m 60 some years young and still creating… Which means you can too!