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Are You A Deliberate Creator?


Are You A Deliberate Creator?

Mon. 6 Jul 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you noticed this recently?

So many people seem to be rushing to create something greater, they’re forgetting to deliberately infuse their creations with the energies of what they’re most asking to play with:

* change;
* transparency;
* joy;
* ease;
* awareness;
* focus;
* commitment;
* a nurturing environment;
* abundance;
* follow-through;
* accountability.

Did I miss anything?

Deliberate creation is the intentional energetic focus on a creation desired in your future with the target of bringing that creation into the present, followed by these two questions:

  • What is required to actualize this?
  • What’s my first priority?

I’ll give you an example:
This week I met with Ziporah Hildebrandt, a brilliant uber creator, and client.
As we talked, I discovered her main priority right now is to get her writing out into the public.
So, I asked her to write down all the various ways in which this could show up for her.
And then I asked which one of those brings you the greatest amount of joy, and possibilities.
Her answer was: an audio format.

Next questions?

  • What’s required?
  • What’s your first priority?

She would research her next step, what she had to purchase and we chose a day next week that I would be checking on her progress.
As we talked, she remembered a company that takes you all the way from writing to publishing.

  • What if she called them today?

She felt uneasy. We cleared past lifetimes when she was a famous writer and was scandalized for her talents.
We cleared all the familial points of view about being a writer she was carrying with her now.

  • Would you be willing to advocate for you?

Yes, that felt a lot easier.
By the end of the day she had done her research with that one phone call, learned she already had all the recording equipment necessary, made a future connection with that company and let the universe know by her action and courage, she was deliberately focused on moving forward.

Talk about deliberate congruent creating at its finest!

Here is what I’d like you to know:
Everyone has the power to create. We actually never stop creating. Sometimes it’s crap and sometimes it a pot of golden abundance.
But with the awareness of focus, the priority of congruency and the power of deliberate creation, you can become a more potent creator with more consistent results! Your life, like my client Zipporah’s, can be an ongoing journey of joy, rather than one of moments of frustration in waiting for the energies of what you are asking to create.

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