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Are You Being Kind To You?


Are You Being Kind To You?

Mon. 15 Jun 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Are You Loving You?Are you up for some ease today?
I’m keepin’ it real simple.

1st Question:
What is kindness to you?
2nd Question:
Where do you fit into your construct of kindness?

So much shifting so quickly these days,
I see clients who are:
* exhausted by their concern for others;
* who have no time for themselves for self-nurturing;
* helping others out first, putting themselves on the back burner;
* creating a new pathway for someone else;
* forgetting to be kind to themselves.

So what does kindness look like for you?

Watch this related Ask Susan episode that examines are you willing to be the energy and the vibration of the changes that you know are possible?  We discuss this and more in this episode of Ask Susan where we talk about how true kindness is the willingness to take an aerial view and ask yourself “is this urgent, is this what I really require, does this bring me joy, is choosing this a kindness to me?”

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