Do you have an energetic word of the week, month or year?

My word for this week: ENLIGHTENMENT.
My word for these last few months: CLARITY
My word for this year: FOCUS

How do these energies show up in my life?
* I’m being woken up at 3:00 AM every morning and led to information on lightworkers, ascension and energetic shifts through multiple dimensions;
* Combing through my website,, I came across several pages no longer congruent with who I be;
* In listening to what Congruent Living is asking of me, I became aware of what truly brings me joy when working with clients and what isn’t creating greater.

YOU may have heard me talk, in classes, how every word has an energy to it.
It’s the energetic connection of that word that creates a vibration emanating to and from you and what you desire.
That vibration once declared, goes out into your future creating new timelines for what you are asking for

So my question for you this week is:
Is how you’re speaking with your business, your life, your body or your relationships creating greater what you truly desire?

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