Have you found that you’re buying into more negative self-talk these days?

In this week’s Congruency Quickie, I’m sharing one principle that all highly successful people use to get unstuck and shift their results.

For instance, here is a success story of one of my clients. Let’s call her Stacy.

When I first met Stacy, she was on a hamster wheel of negative self-talk, with thoughts like:
I keep failing, I can’t, it won’t, it always, I don’t know how, this always happens to me, as my mother just said.

Much like a narrator in a book explains what’s happening in the plot, Stacy was caught up talking to herself in her head. As a result, she was buying into what she perceived was happening in her life. She analyzed what it meant, what it made her think about, what she should do, whom she should listen to, etc.

A lot of mental and emotional suffering comes from the way we talk to ourselves in our own minds. This is what psychologists call negative self-talk.

Our thoughts determine how we feel about what we should be doing. That means how we habitually think will determine how we habitually react.

Change the story

Our lives are like a story constantly unfolding in front of us.

And, we are constantly narrating the events of this story to ourselves as they unfold.
If we want to change how we feel, we must learn how to change how we talk to ourselves .
Specifically, we can learn to change how we talk to ourselves (self-talk).

By learning to identify the ways Stacy consistently misinterpreted events in her life, she began to think more realistically and helpfully about even the most difficult of circumstances.

Which then created a multitude of benefits affecting her mood, her outlook, all of her relationships, her money flows, and her self confidence, to name a few.

She soon adopted new strategies knowing that changing how she talked to herself wasn’t just going to change her reality. It would change how she could feel about herself as well.

With a few simple steps and a lot of courage, Stacy realized she could change negative into positive with every choice she made.

3-Day Confidence Boost

In conclusion, one of the ways we boost our self-confidence is by changing our inner dialogue.

I’ll be sharing these tools that Stacy is using right now, and more, in our 3 Day Confidence Boost coming up in just a few days.

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Step out as your most confident YOU

Here’s to you living a life you love with confidence!


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