I’m talking about the gift of being present with no one else’s thoughts rambling through, no judgements or outside voices telling you what you are supposed to be doing. 

The gift of being present with what you are desiring to create, what you are creating.

Being present with yourself is more than a gift of quiet comfort. 

It also provides a window into knowing ourselves more deeply.

What I have learned on this journey around the planet is that the most important gift I can give myself is the gift of self-discovery.

With that in mind , I am gifting myself the next few weeks to discover truly what else is possible.

As of today ( December 20th), I’m taking some time for myself until the New Year.

I won’t be  checking emails, posting Congruency Quickies or taking questions on Ask Susan Sundays.

If you’re feeling like you’re missing a little bit of Susan in your day, you can always binge  watch past seasons of Congruency Quickies: https://www.susanlazarhart.com/free-resources/

And share in all the juicy tips we have collected from the Sunday ‘Ask Susan Live Q and A’ on Ask Susan TV: https://rebrand.ly/asksusantv

Happy Holidays and see you in the  New Year! 

2021 Here we come!

Big hugs