Are you challenged by new situations? Have you ever responded to a situation that triggered you so deeply you weren’t even you and wondered “What the F was that?” 

That’s what Jenna asked me as we started our sessions a couple of months ago. 

Life is full of new situations. There may be new hires at your workplace. I may get into my car in the morning to find that someone put a flower on my windshield. A stranger might talk to me in the grocery store line. 

New situations are what we create in every moment of every day. 

It’s our point of view that creates them as positive or negative.

It’s how we’ve been entrained to see the world that triggers our reactions. 

Each time you encounter a new situation, you have an opportunity to grow. This is your genetic heritage. Humans can naturally adapt in a multitude of ways, and Jenna soon discovered she was no different.  

In each new situation, you have a choice: You can adapt by working for the best possible outcome, or you can adapt by shutting down and turning away from the opportunity.  

Through daily journaling, self-reflective questions and the willingness to put herself out there, Jenna soon realized that she had a choice; react the way that she had been taught to or step back, listen, get a view of what’s going on and choose from there. 

Because Jenna became confident in her ability to handle new situations with grace, ease, and even excitement, she learned to welcome them into her life.  

Instead of approaching new experiences with trepidation, she now looks toward them as vehicles of possibility. 

When I asked Jenna how she felt about living life from the positive side, here is what she shared with me: 

I know that I can deal with whatever comes my way. Thankfully, I am capable of experiencing new things as exciting rather than anxiety-producing. This is my choice, and I can choose it again and again. 

Today, I am confident when approaching any new situation. In each one, I choose to grow in ways that benefit me, and I am thankful for each opportunity. 

Curious about stepping into action rather than reaction? 

Try these Self-Reflection Questions when up against an emotional trigger 

  1. What new situations am I facing in my life today? 
  2. How do I perceive them when I just be in the present, instead of choosing my response ahead of time? 
  3. How would I perceive them if I take an aerial view of what is being created, ask some questions from there and then choose my response? 
  4. What could that create? 

Let’s continue to create and grow together!

Your life is too precious to waste on the sidelines.

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Big hugs,


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