Are You Destroying Your Awareness? | Susan Lazar Hart

Are You Destroying Your Awareness?


Are You Destroying Your Awareness?

Mon. 5 Aug 2019  |  Nurturing You

Susan Lazar Hart Coaching

Welcome to the season of awareness!

We know there are lots of changes all around us and beyond us:

  • retrogrades
  • black moons
  • 8 on the 8th with the lion’s gate
  • extensive rains and fires
  • heatwaves
  • shortages

and yet I still get those questions of

Hey Susan, What the fudge! How come nothing is the same? I feel so uncomfortable, what’s happening?

And my question to you is…
What are you aware of?

You see, we have this amazing capacity to pick up everything, every thought, feeling, emotion, every blast of consciousness, every whisper of awareness.
Why is that so hard to comprehend?
Because most of us were taught from a very young age…
You can’t possibly know that.
And we believed them.

Are you ready to give that up now? That sense that there must be something wrong?

Let’s come out of the closet, jump out from under the bed, step away from the corner or wherever you have been hiding and start to acknowledge that you are aware, always have been, and that’s a capacity, not a problem.

Ever heard the expression
Choose it or lose it?
That’s kind of a mean trick because you can never lose awareness.
You can, however, shove it so far down a rabbit hole of judgement, complaints, and analysis of paralysis that you think you have lost it.

Wanna change that?

We have to learn to become a new kind of entity on this world that has the maturity and the awareness to handle being a global species with the power to change our planet, and use that power in a way that is conducive to the kind of global society we want to have.
– David Grinspoon

With loads of love
Susan XO

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