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Are You Gifting Yourself What You Need?


Are You Gifting Yourself What You Need?

Mon. 4 May 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Are you gifting yourself what you need?

I love to ask this question,
It’s one I’ll ask myself, my clients and the gang over at Ask Susan.

And here are the responses I often hear:

Need means lack and that’s a word I was taught not to use. As an infinite being I don’t lack anything – it’s just a choice;
OMG I need so many things, I don’t know where to begin!

So let’s get down and dirty today;
What is it that you need right now in creating with your future, that you’ve refused to gift yourself?

Yes, in the word “need” is the word “lack”, but don’t stop there.
“I Need” (or “I lack”) is not an end zone;
It’s a place where we get curious,
It’s a space of being in the question.

So what are your basic needs?

* safety?
* satisfaction?
* connection?
* focus?
* follow-through?
* ease with who you be?

Here’s the deal:

We live in polarity.
There is an equal amount of false needs as there are true needs.
It’s how you choose to see your needs, wants and desires.

So what is it for you?

What if self-care was more than flowers/walks/meditation and delicious baths (not that there’s anything wrong with that)?

What if self-care was checking in with yourself and when you hit a speed bump at the top of your day, take an aerial view of your life, your living, your relationships, your business while asking this question:

What need is it that I’m willing to gift myself today?

Mine was focus so I chose to get in my office at 5:45 am where I’m playing with 20/20/20:
20 minutes of exercise/20 minutes of reflection/ 20 minutes of reading

Made a world of difference for me.
Has me focused in a totally different way.
How long will I play this way?
Who cares?!

It’s what I was needing to start my day off away from the pulls of Facebook, the news and all other odds and ends that were pulling at me energetically where I did not need to go.

And then I walk Shiloh as we share the morning together.

Get how this works?

ask a question:
What is it I need today to bring in the energies of what I am asking for with my future?

Be brutally honest with yourself.
Then choose to play with that need.

Ask yourself these two questions:
1) Is this true for me?
2) What could I choose today to gift me the (you fill in the blank) that I need with my future?

* Choice;
* Question;
* Possibilities;
* Awareness.

Are you willing to play with what you need?

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