Are you inviting change into your life? Have you noticed that recently there are so many people, who want their lives to go back to the way they were when they believed that what was good enough would last forever?

Change is ongoing. It always has been.

For example, there used to be dinosaurs, and now there aren’t.

Television used to be in black and white.

After that, the internet came along.

Your great-great-grandparents were once alive, and now they’re not.

You’ve gotten taller and older since your childhood.

The truth is, in this lifetime there have been a lot of changes, and there will be more to come!

Most importantly, they’re going to happen with or without your consent.

Remember this:

Above all, you always have a choice.

You can fight against incoming changes, or you can expand beyond and learn how to manipulate these changes to your advantage.  

Consider these advantages of change:

  1. More of who you came here to be gets to show up. Making the most of the ongoing changes coming into your life will also lead to you making the most of your time here on earth. So, why waste time resisting change?
  2. Less misery. Fighting the inevitable is an exercise in futility. There are some things that can’t be stopped. You can’t stop the tide from coming in or going back out. But you can play in it!
    • Fighting change is ultimately a losing battle. Fighting a losing battle results in misery, while being in the question of the changes you are asking for produces less stress and assists you in seeing what else is possible. In addition, fresh choices create with your future, holding onto misery just creates from your past.
  3. Resilience. The most successful species on the planet are those that are most accommodating to change. The most successful people are also more curious with what these changes can create.
    • When you’re in an allowance of observing change and changes coming, you won’t get sucked in.
    • In addition, when you learn to let go of all belief systems, you’ll hear the whispers of awareness with greater ease. For instance, you’ll be much more resilient to stress.
  4. More Awareness. Fighting change only demonstrates your unwillingness to know what else is truly possible. By being in allowance of change, you can adapt and  go for the shift and changes you’ve been asking for. You feel more accomplished with a greater sense of self.
    • Change provides us with endless possibilities to step into our knowing, to test our motivation, to be present with what is and what can be.
  5. More possibilities. Change paralyzes some people. As a result, these people miss out on many of the joys and sweet Aha’s that life has to offer.
    • Inviting in change encourages you to get busy living your life again. There are a myriad of possibilities available to those that are paying attention and ready to take action.
  6. Confidence. When you’re resilient and are able to play with change, you develop confidence. In turn, this confidence allows you to take a 360 degree view of your life, knowing that you came here to make a difference.

We’re talking CHANGE this entire month of October

Are you ready for change?

In conclusion, if you’re ready for Change and you know now is your time,
don’t be someone that suffers.

Be someone that embraces change and all the benefits that change can provide.
Your next step is to:
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Sending big love your way