Are You Inviting Your Creations Out To Play? | Susan Lazar Hart

Are You Inviting Your Creations Out To Play?


Are You Inviting Your Creations Out To Play?

Mon. 17 Aug 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Imagine hearing yourself say with enthusiasm
“Yes”, “I’m in”, “I’ve got it”, “I’m with you”
when being asked to create through fresh eyes?

And before you know it,
you’ve turned your back on the future you’ve been asking for and find yourself resorting to old traits and behaviors.

As bizarre as it sounds, often when we get closest to the actions that match the vibrations of what we’re asking for, we step back into what’s familiar:
* You want it but you don’t believe it;
* You desire to create something yet you’re filled with doubt;
* You think you’re cut off from the source of your brilliance;
* You’ve decided it has to be perfect (spoiler alert – there’s no such thing as perfect).

How to go beyond self-made roadblocks that slow you down?

No matter how uncomfortable it gets, create with something new for you today.

New environments give you a new perspective,
New experiences cause you to ask new questions,
New desires are created within you every day.

This is where creation occurs. Not from the tried and true but from the infinite well of creativity that lies within you.
When you’re in the receiving mode, you get to feel the expansion happening within you
As a result, you’ll sense the momentum of your creations picking up
You begin to pick up speed and you become a witness to your own creating.

The truth is
We are creative source energy beings.
You may think you’re cut off from source when you’re not.
Source is always here.

It’s just about letting it out!

Once you get used to this awareness
that what you are creating is within you and all around you.
You begin to: * know who you are;
* know the power of your thoughts;
* know the process that you require to be with your creations.

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