Are You Loving You In The Work That You Do? | Susan Lazar Hart

Are You Loving You In The Work That You Do?


Are You Loving You In The Work That You Do?

Mon. 18 Nov 2019  |  Nurturing You

Are You Loving You?

Have you noticed lately that there are a lot of people loving what they do, doing what they love and still lots more holding onto what they used to love and wondering why they are:

  • depressed
  • feeling alone
  • frustrated
  • giving up on their dreams
  • resigned to Is that all there is?
  • lacking friendships
  • lacking $$

Here’s the deal…
Most of us who feel stuck are in the habit of constantly feeling stuck because we’re emotionally embedded in what we have chosen to do and believe,
no matter the results.

What if there was nothing wrong with you, your past choices or the life you have chosen?
What if it just doesn’t work for you now?
Are you aware we are the only creature on the planet that believes everything should stay the same?

So the question might be,
What has to change here?

And change is as simple as changing your actions.

it’s all yours for the taking!

Does this work for me?
Is this creating the future I desire?
What has to change here? (could be you!)
What am I willing to let go of that; if I did, would it give me the clarity I am asking for?

Forget labeling yourself –
It’s a waste of time and energy.
The truth is your identity of,
But I used to be so good at this,
is this made-up thing that you’ve been taught to be emotionally attached to.

And the quickest way to change that is to realize that there’s no real self to change.

You are an infinite being with infinite possibilities.

Stop sharing what you’ve decided is wrong with you,
and start playing with choice.
Be in the question
and ask
What action is required today that would change how I see myself right away?


Not working out?

Let’s see what else is possible.
Is now the time to get out of that rut?
Tell me the truth…
Are you loving you in the work that you do?

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With enormous love
Susan XO

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