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Are You Lying to You?


Are You Lying to You?

Mon. 16 Sep 2019  |  Nurturing You

Are You Lying to You?

Have you ever discovered you’ve been lying to yourself?
C’mon now, tell the truth.
You know, that internal narrative that sometimes makes you feel like you’re a hamster on a spinning wheel?

The other day I decided that there was someone else’s situation that I had to solve or deal with. It became one of those thoughts that lingered.
I had bought this created reality as truth, when in fact it was a lie.
And that is what we do – we run and run on that hamster wheel, convincing ourselves that a lie to ourselves is, in fact, a truth.

Spoiler alert…
Your situation is always your creation – and this creation can either create possibilities or in this case, create lies.

FYI: Definition of the Situation in Sociology-ThoughtCO

The definition of “the situation” is what people use to know what is expected of them and what is expected of others in any given situation…It is a foundational concept within symbolic interaction theory and an important one within sociology, generally.

Interesting that the definition uses the words expect, foundation and theory.
The truth is,
anytime you find yourself distracted,
by someone else’s foundation, expectation, theory or reality,
and then find yourself trying hard to make it true for you,
there’s a good chance you’re lying to yourself – it’s time to get off of that hamster wheel!

And so I indulged in my “situation” until I stopped the narrative inside my head and began to ask myself these questions:

  • How’s this working for you?
  • What are you creating here?
  • Does this add to your life?
  • Are you fully involved in your desires for your life?
  • Is there a lie here spoken or unspoken?

And down came this thunderbolt of awareness.
I was lying to myself all along…
As if I wasn’t magic.
As if I wasn’t powerful.
As if there were no other possibilities.
As if there was nothing greater here for me to be.

The next day I took myself for a walk, asking and listening to these questions,
and my day began to shift and change – which changed all future possibilities and once again everything became choice.

You see, asking a question and listening to your awareness
creates different.
Creating different
creates possibilities.
Possibilities contribute to what you are asking to create,
which changes your vibration and the conversation that is possible with the universe.

So here’s my question for you:
Is there anywhere that you’ve stuck yourself with a “situation”?

Need some help?
Here are a couple of signs that you’re lying to you:

  • You keep justifying your behaviour
  • You have a rigid attitude of right and wrong
  • You’ve decided  nothing can change
  • You carry around deeply rooted resentments

Interested in more?

Let’s talk about the
Signs that tell you, you’re lying to you.

With enormous love
Susan XO

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