This week, the question I’m asking is “Are you outside of the change that you’re asking for?”

How many times do you start your day by reaching for your phone, checking in on Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Messenger, Instagram, flipping through your emails all the while fully aware this is not creating anything greater.

Today, I was thinking about Maria.

When she first came to me she was struggling. She felt like the beauty of life seemed to be slipping right by her as she was allowing herself to be consumed with work, and even when she was at home, she got consumed by her regular daily routines and looked for ways to distract herself with Netflix, over eating, too much wine…

If this is you, are you struggling with any of these right now?

All of those distractions are actually dissipating the energies that are here to assist you.
More and more over the last year, my clients are coming to me with a sense of what the?

Here’s the truth:
We tend to live in the vibrations we create.

Something no one ever told us as we were growing up.

So, we wonder why we become slowly apathetic to what were once our dreams and targets.

Maria’s story

Could this be you?

You get up in the morning with a sense of here’s what I want to accomplish. That sends out a vibration into the world.
Then you get distracted. That sends out a different energetic vibration into the world.
Then you judge yourself for getting distracted by what doesn’t bring you joy, and so you hop on the judgement train creating an even stronger vibration.
So you keep yourself busy distracting yourself with judgement rather than being present with what brings you joy.

Let me tell you about Maria today.
After working together she started taking strategic breaks from her regular routines, and she is feeling more balanced, her mind and body are renewed and she knows that is essential for her longevity. She is feeling more free and is enjoying time and nature and is now sleeping better and breathing deeply.
Maria told me “I am robust on the inside because I am dedicated to nourishing my mind with every choice I make.”

I hope Maria’s story motivates you about what’s going on in your life that’s keeping you away from that juicy, joy filled, successful life you’ve been wondering about.

I believe in the transformative power of stepping back from life.

What could your life look like if you disconnected from your regular day-to-day activities?

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We’re talking change this month and,

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