Are you ready for the runway? | Susan Lazar Hart

Are you ready for the runway?


Are you ready for the runway?

Tue. 7 Jan 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you chosen a word for 2020?
Last year mine was CLARITY and wowzers
I am so grateful for the clarity I have received from you, my clients, my life and the planet.
What did the energy of clarity create?

*Full steam ahead with possibilities
*Happy to receive the contribution of what creates joy and ease

So what’s my word for 2020?

rid (someone or something) of an unwanted quality, condition, or feeling.


Bring it on!
How many times have you held yourself back by a thought or a feeling that someone  or something  would be a contribution if only you held onto it or them?
Well here we go,
Now is the time,
Go out to December 2020 and play with what you are asking to create.
If you actually cleared the runway for you to take off
what would that create?
*sensual relationships?
*congruent business choices?
*stress-free bank account?
*More of what you’ve been asking for showing up in new ways with total ease??

Who could you be, what could you create
How would you be
If you cleared the runway to creating with a new you?

Here’s the deal; the more you let go, throw out, stop reacting to,
the more room there is of you for the universe play with.

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