I wonder what else is possible today? Let’s find out! It’s all about this question: Are you resisting the unknown? Now this month we’ve been talking about resisting and resistance and if you haven’t partaken of any of the Ask Susan Sunday lives, come on over to Congruent Living for Seekers and Creatives on Facebook. We’ve gotten some really great conversations.

Resistance feels safe

Are you resisting the unknown? Now, for the most part, most of us have been brought up to feel safe, to be safe, to lean back on what we know, to not explore what we can’t define. And that actually was taught to us when we were really, really little. When people told you don’t touch that, don’t go there. Trust me, do what I say, not what I do.

So it’s natural that as you start to investigate your world, as you grow up, you tend to fall back on what you know as a safe place, even though it might not even work for you, but you’ve got those voices in the back of your head saying don’t don’t don’t, you know, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Don’t rock the boat. Be happy with what you have. Rather than “So I wonder if you chose a different path, what would that create?”

Or, I wonder what you could be, do have and create today with your life, with your living. I wonder what this would feel like, taste like smell like. So instead of being encouraged to live in wonderment, we were actually taught to go for safety. When in doubt be safe, right? When did it protect yourself?

So if you have those, that background, if you have that as your foundation, it could be a little frustrating. If you’re an investigator, a creative, a seeker, and you’re curious about life. And yet you, you know, you keep finding that you keep going back to what is tried and true, even though it doesn’t work for you.

Think outside the paradigm

So my question for you is are you willing to train yourself to think outside the box, outside the paradigm? To get what you’re asking for?

Right now, ask yourself, is there anything that you’re resisting about the unknown? What have you decided the unknown is that it isn’t right? What have you decided? The unknown isn’t what it actually is? What if the unknown is being beyond this third dimensional reality? What if it’s that space in place in which all possibilities are here, just waiting for you, waiting for you to lower your resistance and step in to who and what you came here to be.

Write it down

I wonder what that could create. So today when you have some time just write down, what is it that I’m resisting about the unknown? You know, I often find when we write something down, it changes the way we actually think about it rather than typing or putting notes on your iPhone.

Sit down, be present with that. Asking yourself “So what am I resisting about the unknown?” Is what you created with today, that awareness, I wonder what that could create for you sure is creating a lot for me. And I’d love to share it with you again, on Ask Susan Sunday on Congruent Living for Seekers and Creatives on Facebook.

Let me know how this pops for you.

So, until we meet on Sunday, live boldly love greatly, and be that fearless leader that you came here to be when that isn’t controlled.

Because when we’re refusing the unknown, we actually control ourselves. So are you willing to be out of control, out of definition, out of form, out of structure and play in the unknown today?

Let me know. I can’t wait to hear what you got to say.

If you’re feeling stuck cause you’re not creating the life you desire and you don’t know where to begin with the resistance you’re in:
Reach out to me today! and lets get a feel for the future you’ve been asking for.