This is the month of May. And I thought for this month, we’d play with the theme of resistance. So if you’re familiar at all with Congruent Living Coaching, I’ve been picking a theme every month.

Then from that, we dive in and this is about resistance. What I’ve come to realize is everything is here for you. And how much are you actually resisting it? So when we say everything is here, it’s all of this information. All of this energy is it’s here for us to play with.

We are totally gifted with all of this. Yet we refuse it at all costs and we resist the awareness that it’s here.

Whispers of awareness

So I’ll give you an example. Yesterday I had about an hour in between clients and I thought, Oh, I’m going to go do some errands, going to get this done.

I jumped in the car, notice I’m not asking any questions, and just as I take the corner, I hear a pop. So, I get out of the car and I check our tires. Tires are okay underneath the car, everything seems to be okay.

There’s nothing on the ground. And yet when I move the car forward, I hear a kind of a sound I’m like, okay, got it. I guess I’m not going anywhere today. I backed the car in. When they came to pick the car up from my driveway, it turned out that this was pressing against that, which was pressing against the tire.

If I had gone any further, I would have been stuck in the middle of downtown. Waiting for a tow truck. It was more instead of trying to fight it. Yes, I could have driven the car for a little bit further. I could have driven the car and then been stuck. Because it still worked. Just in listening to those whispers of awareness, I was like, Oh, what is it that I’ve been asking to do today? I realized that what I’ve been asking of my business required me to actually put some time in and organize a strategy in which I’m receiving information from different clients about a new program we’re creating.

So, instead, I used that hour to actually create more in my life, in my business. And with my future. And then in the afternoon I had another hour. So actually I actually walked down into town and got what I got done and then got some, my body was happy. We were walking. I was happy.

Are you resisting?

It was like, win, win, win. So my question for you is notice, I didn’t go into resistance and reaction. It was more of like, okay, what is the universe telling me? What is this and what can I do with it? What is being asked of me right here? And so the universe made it really easy by just giving me the information and the car is now in the shop getting fixed.

I got everything I wanted to create done yesterday. So today’s a brand new, fresh day with a clean slate. It’s by listening to the whispers, instead of resisting and reacting, we get so much more of what we’re asking for out of our life, out of our living, out of our bodies.

My question for you today is, are you resisting any of the whispers of awareness? Because the universe is whispering to you all the time. And it’s about just being a space of space and being present with what it is that you are creating, how you are creating, be it, your life, be it, your business, be it money, be it your relationships. Where are you blocking what actually is possible for you by resisting those whispers that come in every day, all the time?

Now I’d love to hear your stories. So, write in the comments below.

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-Susan Lazar Hart