One of the biggest questions, when I’m up against something I’ll ask myself is, “What are you resisting?” As an infinite being, we have the capacities to move through anything with total ease. It could be a little bit uncomfortable if we’re willing to be in the question and choose. There is an ease in that uncomfortableness.

Are you resisting your commitments or committing to resistance?

How many of you are committed to resisting anything that’s uncomfortable? Anything that doesn’t go your way, anything that makes you right or wrong, or whatever is uncomfortable for you.  “Are you committing to resisting?” Kind of an interesting question isn’t it. Go for a walk today and ask yourself, “What’s working and what isn’t work?” and “Where is it that I’m resisting what I’m asking to create with?”

The opposite of that is, are you resisting your commitments? In other words, are you’re committed to living in the question. If you’re committed to honoring what the universe is gifting you, what you’ve been asking to create with, it’s all here. Are you resisting your commitment?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve never done, perhaps it’s you don’t know the outcome. Once we’ve decided the outcome, then we come up against resistance. It was like, Oh, I didn’t know it would turn out like this, I don’t want it to turn out like this. “Is there anything that you’re committed to resisting?” How many times have I heard somebody say, well, I’m never, I’m not going to, I won’t. Well, that’s committing to resistance, so you could ask yourself, what if I actually stopped resisting my commitment to me, to creating a joyous, juicy, fulfilling life and living and beyond that. I wonder what that could create? Let me know, I always look for your comments.

Acknowledge your commitment

I’m looking for your comments, let’s communicate. Let’s see what we can create together because when two or more gathered, man, we create an abundance. How does it get any better than that?

Your question today is, “Are you committed to resisting?” In other words, what is it that I’m resisting here that I haven’t actually been willing to acknowledge? Once you acknowledge it, you move through it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Join me on Congruent Living Facebook for Seekers and Creatives every Sunday, where I go live with #AskSusan Sunday live.

That’s your place to come in and ask me questions. Come in every day of the week because we pop in and ask questions, people are in there contributing. We’ve got an international worldwide, I know means the same thing, but maybe not, group of peeps who are gathering together, seekers and creatives to create something greater. Do you want to join in? Come on over.

That’s at Congruent Living Facebook. I adore you, live boldly love greatly and be that fearless leader you came here to be, one who actually doesn’t live in the land of resistance. One who is always asking, if this isn’t working, what is it that I’m resisting here? What awareness am I resisting that if I actually had that awareness, we create everything that I’ve been asking for?

Book a call with me and let me know what’s popping for you. Bye Bye!

~ Susan Lazar Hart