As we head into 2022 what is it that you promised yourself that you’d get done by 2021? Are you sending conflicting messages to the Universe?

Whether it’s shifting your body, a different relationship with a loved one or shifting your money flows…

Where are you now?

And my next question is

Who have you been listening to?

There are so many voices that pass through every nanosecond of our day that send out positive and negative vibrations.

If you are not getting where you wanted to be, my next question would be

What have you been asking for?

Because the thing is, as soon as we start negating what we’re asking for with doubt, fear or guilt, that becomes the vibration we put out into the universe.

Now all that’s happening is you’re sending out conflicting messages to the universe.

I want this but…

Show me the money now. Yes, I want that juicy, joyous sexual relationship. Yes. I want to increase my business. Yes, I’m in!

And then you share that idea with somebody and they’re like, Well, you know, you tried this before, and you go, yeah, you’re right.

And they say, you don’t have enough money for that, you shrug, agree or get pissed off and withdraw.

Suddenly those creative juices have dried up.

Life is not so much fun anymore.

Notice how quickly that energy that said yes, I’m having that quickly shifted from I’m IN to Oh, well, I’m not so in.

So, as we head into the last 7 weeks of 2021, what are you actually willing to commit to?

Are you in?

A rude awakening

A few months ago I took an aerial view of how I was creating and what I was creating this year. I asked myself, what is it that I’ve committed myself to that I actually haven’t said I’m in 100%,
that I haven’t taken it to as far as it could go,
that I haven’t completed the tasks on?

And I realized, oh, wow, I’m asking to create a totally different way and yet I’m not putting myself out there 100%.

Talk about a rude awakening!

So, with that awareness, I started to investigate.

What is it that I’m asking to learn? What is it that I need to hone my skills on and once I got that information, I realized it was always here for me all along.

I had been planting seeds for a new community to grow with and had simply forgotten to nurture them..

Once I committed to being all in, I began see the fruits of my efforts coming together with total ease (more on that next week).

What about you? .
What have you committed to and let dissipate by all those negative voices swirling around in your environment?

Have you given up on you?
Are you tired of those voices?

If the answer is yes, email me with #I’m In, or book a conversation with me.

Because life is too short to be wasted on the sidelines of someone else’s devastated hopes and dreams.

Sending big love,

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