Are you starting your day creatively? It occurred to me today that many people have decided that there’s no creative way to start their day. Instead, they simply react to things that happen to them throughout the day.  

Pre-paving is a way to start the day creatively. I’ll give you a perfect example:

Today, I started off with a meditation which just kind of tapped into what’s going on. And, I asked myself, “How much fun can I have playing with all of these new energies?”

After meditation, I asked “Body, what would you like to do?” Body said, “Can we go for a walk?” 

Staying in the question, I asked “Do you want to pick up a coffee on the way?” and Body replied “Nope, we don’t want coffee today.” 

While walking, I’m listening to my body, and asking, “Where would you like to go? Do you want to go up these stairs? You want to go up this street? How would you like to play?”

Pre-paving is all about playing and setting yourself up for success in a creative way.

It opens you to a future/ present that is vibrationally aligned with what you’re asking to create.

The process is simple. Choose a future event, near or far, and pull in the energies of what would create the greatest amount of possibilities.

Get a sense of what that feels like…

Now be that energy.

Then grow with that energy by staying in the question. 

And ask yourself- what’s my next best step here?

For me, my ask was for ease, clarity and synchronicity as my day unfolded.

What about you? What are you asking for?

Try it today. Start your morning off by pre-paving your day, and let me know what pops for you.

What questions do you have?

Speaking of being in the question…

Questions are so important as they move us from where we are to where we are asking to be.

I’m always  interested in the questions you have going on in your life that you would like more clarity on.

Send your questions in to me right here or pop them onto our Congruent Living for Creatives and Seekers Facebook group as I’ll be picking one every week for Thursday’s Ask Susan Live Q&A.

Live boldly, love greatly, and be that fearless leader you came here to be because the world needs more of you and that special sauce that only you have!

Loving you big time,


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Because life is too short not to enjoy every bit of it!