Watch my Congruent Living Quickie above, where I ask “Are you stopping your momentum?”.

I just took the day off for me and my, oh my, does it feel good!

The air is fragrant with spring blossoms.
Winter clothes have been put away.
People are lingering at cafes now that the curfew is over.
There’s definitely a momentum of something new blooming here in Montreal.

Which is wonderful for us because we’re going to be catching that wave of Momentum for the month of June, right here at Congruent Living

Not sure where to hop on?
Here’s your starter course:

6 tips to jumpstart the momentum in your life:

  1. Commit to being present with what works for you and make that your reality.
  2. Discover through experiences what you love and do what you love.
  3. Eliminate your energy drains and commit to recharging yourself daily.
  4. Face your fears and go for it anyway.
  5. Have a weekly coffee date with your money flows.
  6. Create a braintrust with a journal or notepad, get your ideas down without delay.

And 2 bonus tips:

7. Stop looking for validation
Ask yourself: Is there anywhere that you’ve been stopping the momentum in your life? Have you been trying or living by playing catch up to what other people say you should have done or you should be doing?

8. Stop listening to what others are telling you about how you should create your business, your life, your living, your relationships.
When you buy into other people’s points of views, you stop the momentum that you’re asking to choose.

Creating with momentum starts with commitment.

Committing to you, to what brings you joy, to a life that celebrates you in every way

So, what’s keeping you from your juicy, joyous life?

What momentum are you not aware of that’s already here to contribute to you?

Let’s keep growing together
Big hugs


P.S. If you’re feeling stuck cause your not creating the life you desire and you don’t know where to begin with the resistance you’re in
Reach out to me today! and lets get create with the momentum for the future you’ve been asking for.