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Are You Suffering From Choice Fatigue?


Are You Suffering From Choice Fatigue?

Mon. 27 Apr 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Are you suffering from choice fatigue?
We’ve been in self-isolation in Canada for about 5 weeks.

The first week was:
How can I use this time to actualize what I’ve been asking for?
– Yes, I’m in, I can do this, I’ve got it, time to pivot, upgrade, ask some questions, choose.

2nd-3rd week:
Is choosing this adding to my future?
– sign up for free classes, join some new groups, self-educate;
– who, what, where, when?
– engaging conversations with new clients (no Zoom fatigue here!!)
– Go team go!

4th week:
What is this clarity that’s tugging at me?
– Asking for clarity;
– Chin up, carry on, create beyond, read more about mindfulness, less scrolling through everyone’s Facebook posts (who doesn’t love a little Trevor Noah?).

5th week:
I took myself for a walk today – a bit of strong talk
* Would I be willing to release everything I’ve been creating for?
* What would that generate in my universe today, 6 months from now, next year, ten years from now?
* What is it that I am asking to create with my future today?

Seems so different than 5 weeks ago;
Neither right, nor wrong,
Maybe just a wakeup call.

Is choosing all of these ‘how to’s’ really fun for me?
What reflection am I looking through?

What about you?
Are you suffering from choice fatigue?
If other people’s points of view regarding the planet, money, time, space, isolation, and efficiency weren’t insinuating themselves into your reality, what would you truly choose to create and play with?

Are you willing to walk away, breathe deeply, and give birth to a new you today?
If just for ten seconds?
I wonder what that could create?

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