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Are You Tired Of Catching Up?


Are You Tired Of Catching Up?

Mon. 11 May 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Is the bloom off the rose yet for you?

As we head into week 8 of self-confinement,
* some countries are opening up;
* some not;

* some people are living only in this reality;
* some have become aware they have never lived in this reality;

* some people are using this time for a greater sense of who we are becoming and what we need to know;
* some are stepping into their knowing, integrating ideas and understandings already in existence and perceiving them as if they were immediate and new.

Which ones are you?

I’ve created a new habit while at home.
Sitting quietly in the early rays of dawn,
I ask questions of what I see possible with my future;

and the voice that came through today was loud and clear;
You have no more catching up to do.

I smiled from the inside out, my shoulders relaxed and I knew that just changing with that energy would change the trajectory of my entire life.
Call it an ‘Aha’ moment, if you will.

No more catching up to do;
instill that into your very being;
Acknowledge and appreciate all that you are creating, have created and will create – by being you.

Notice how that feels in your body,
What could that create for you?

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