Are you willing to be engaged with yourself this December?

No lights out

No I’ll think about it tomorrow

No it’s too late in the game, too hard, they won’t let me, I don’t know……

What’s interesting to me is when I look up the word engaged I come across synonyms like battle, appointment, busy, connected with, without connection, engrossed, available, free, affianced, contracted and pledged.

 Now none of those feel like they would create greatness in my life, do they to you?

For me being engaged is to be fully alive with whatever I’m doing, whoever I’m talking to , whatever I’m pursuing at that moment.

Being engaged is to be fully present and accountable to me by my actions, be they mental or physical.

Being engaged means do no harm, take no prisoners, be present in the moment, don’t carry someone else’s life into yours.

Personal Engagement, relies on every single person having connections within themselves that they see, feel, know, investigate, savour, or do every single day in some way, somehow, some time.

 Working as a coach over the last 14 years, the biggest joy I have is when I’m fully engaged with my clients , creating a safe space for them to grow through their challenges and their successes. That’s my commitment to myself and my clients.

 And when they question their commitment to engaging with their dreams, desires or targets, here are some of the questions I ask them:

*Are you willing to acknowledge what you are creating?

*Are you inviting future possibilities to engage with on your path to self-discovery?

*Do you allow yourself time to play ? 

These are questions I ask myself as well, every time I bump up against a doubt as to what I’m doing or how I’m creating. They keep me present and remind me that: Engagement is a part of who we be.

Just as our cells are constantly shifting and changing in our bodies, we are constantly engaged in everything we do and be. Engagement begins with living towards, through and within your every moment. Whether you’re doing that consciously or not is irrelevant.


So what are you asking to create with this December?

Are you willing to be fully engaged?  To Commit?

Join me this Sunday December 13th at 11A ET as we delve into what does engaging with yourself for this month of with this month of December look like for you  

Loving you big time,


P.S. I work with people who realize their unfulfilled dreams and desires are impacting their success. I help people to understand how to utilize their gifts and talents as we strategize how to achieve that dream that hasn’t been fulfilled.

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