Are You Willing To Surrender And Stop Fighting You? | Susan Lazar Hart

Are You Willing To Surrender And Stop Fighting You?


Are You Willing To Surrender And Stop Fighting You?

Mon. 8 Jun 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Are You Loving You?What does I surrender bring up for you?

Early morning meditation
Talking with source

The words
to thine own self be true
came through
Soon followed by
I surrender

I surrender with grace,
knowing there is more in me asking to come out,
asking to be part of something greater,

I surrender to the will of my innate being, to do and be what I came here to do and be.
I surrender to wellsprings that nourish me deep inside.
I surrender to my creative juices.

I surrender
* to my brilliance;
* to my different;
* to my creativity;
* to imperfection.

No more fighting my knowing,
No more disempowerment.

I surrender means I am giving up all the pasts I have been holding onto,
I surrender into laughter,
I surrender into joy,
I surrender into being me, no matter what it takes, no matter where it takes me.

I surrender does not mean I give up,
I surrender does not mean I give my power or potency to someone else.

I surrender to whatever is distracting me that I’ve made so real and true,
This gives me space,
to take an aerial view,
of where I’ve been refusing to create
with grace
and go for it.

Only when you surrender to your knowing can you see everything clearly, can you be aware, take action and create beyond the hubris of this reality.

What about you?
Are you willing to surrender and stop fighting you?
I wonder what that could create?

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