My husband and I recently celebrated our 43rd anniversary. Yay us!!

Rick and I met at a bar late one dark and stormy night on Crescent Street in Montreal. He was a widower dressed in his business best, dropping by with a friend for a drink after a squash game.

I was newly back in Montreal having spent the last 2 years hitchhiking through various countries around the world and was looking for someone to play with.

For me, he drank tequila shooters with a friend of mine he didn’t know.

For him, I danced with a guy in a quilt as he introduced me as his fiance

Needless to say we closed the bar down and the rest is their story.

You may wonder, as many people did, what do these two people have in common aside from a very enjoyable late night pick up?

Allow me to elucidate: humour, a spirit of adventure, curiosity, a fierce sense of independence, strong ties to family, fun sex, and a fierce desire to create greater in the world.

And last but not least, the willingness to surrender into creating a life that’s inclusive of each other.

Surrender, as most people know of it, is the willingness to be the first to give up, quit, showing the white flag of nonresistance, to yield to the power, control, or possession of another, to  giving up on your dreams and desires for someone else’s happiness, or so it says in the dictionary.

That’s where we differ.

Surrender creates. When we surrender, we’re actually expanding out energetically. 

It allows us to receive the information that we’re asking for and creates total awareness of what it is that is going to create greater for us.

When you resist anything, you put up a wall to the information that’s available to you, you stop all momentum.

Are you willing to surrender?

Surrendering requires you to trust in that infinite being inside of you, the one who is aligned with the Universe. The premise is if you’re willing to release resistance  to what is, you can then ask questions that will provide you with awareness of greater possibilities.

The momentum keeps on going.

But how can you create the reality that you want when you ask me to surrender and say yes to all that comes my way?

Surrendering is about you keeping yourself aligned in a mental state of peace and being present to the Now.

And if a situation shows up that requires your attention, you do your part without attachment to the outcome, without either liking or disliking it for what it is and without losing your alignment and peace of mind.

So, if you find that by surrendering, situations show up that you don’t want or you aren’t sure how they will help; look at them as an indication of the vibrations that are active within you.

Is there any information you are resisting here?

This is a question that I ask myself when I bump up against anything that’s bothering me. 

Here’s the deal. Surrender is not different from the deliberate creation process. It is, in a lot of ways, its duality. Surrender is a philosophy (concept) and like every other concept out there, it can be used to best serve our growth.

What if surrendering into the moment was actually creating a life that works for you?

We dive deeper into this one in the Congruent Living for Seekers and Creatives Facebook group. I invite you to join us!

If you’re asking yourself How can I surrender into the present moment when I feel trapped by my past? reach out to me today! and let’s  explore what’s keeping you from your true life, one  you’ve always known is possible

Live boldly, love greatly, and be that fearless leader that you came here to be because the world needs more of you and that special sauce, not less.

Big Hugs,