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Being Sonic and Breaking Through Pain Barriers


Being Sonic and Breaking Through Pain Barriers

Mon. 8 Jul 2019  |  Nurturing You

Being Sonic and Breaking Through Pain Barriers

If I asked you this question:
What are you asking to break through today?
What would you say?

That’s the question I put to the Ask Susan members this week.

For most of those who responded, they did so with this one word:

Not, “I am asking to break through a crappy relationship I am stuck in”.

Not, “I am asking to break through this heat, what would it take to have an air conditioner”.

Not, “I am asking to break through my eating, drinking, hoarding, sexting, texting or Netflix habits I have created as a necessity to anesthetize myself from the demands of my life that I find so painful”,

Not, “I want to break through all the hidden beliefs I am keeping me from writing my book with ease” (That would be mine!)

Pain is the most common reason that people seek medical attention but is actually hard to define because it’s a subjective sensation.

Pain perception, or nociception (from the Latin word for “hurt”), is the process by which a painful stimulus is relayed from the site of stimulation to the central nervous system.

So I began to wonder…

How many of us treat the every day in such a pain-filled way that we have not left room for anything else that is so essential to our emotional well-being each day?

Things like discovery, engagement, expansion and reaching out.

Asking questions like: What am I aware of? Am I sonic?

Recently I bashed my shoulder into a corner of the wall – not a really bright thing to do when you have a fractured humerus (the bone that goes from the shoulder to the elbow).

Did it hurt? Hell, yes!

And the first thing I asked myself was:

Where are you?

And I reminded myself that my body is requiring me to be absolutely present, no drifting off into the head games.

So, is it painful?

Yes, and it’s a great reminder to be aware 100%, body, mind, and “me” 24/7

The truth is, we are sonic! We have the capacity to pick up sonar beams from anywhere and as your brain processes them, your perception changes.

The universe is giving us information all the time and sometimes we need a little reminder to get us back on track so that we can focus on what’s happening in the present moment.

Is there anything here that’s popping for you?

With loads of love
Susan XO

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