Belief in you starts here!

This month’s theme is all about believing in you.

We’re kicking it off with this question from one of our members:
Susan, I was brought up to believe in others more than myself, how can I change that?

My advice?
Start listening to your inner voice.

We were brought up to believe others knew way more about us than we did.
Very few of us were recognized for our innate knowing.

If you don’t know how to listen to your inner voice, begin by making time to listen.

Take a moment here.

Ask yourself:

What makes you, you?
And what about that truly brings you joy?

Write down whatever pops up for you.

Now put your hand on your heart.
Close your eyes.
Take a deep inhale and exhale.
Energetically tap into that innate intelligence that recognizes what truly brings you joy.

The intelligence that recognizes that well of strength that has always been within you.

Be with it.
Believe it.
Trust it.
Listen to you.
That’s your North Star.

Each one of us has our own North Star because each one of us has our own reality.

When you feel good about who you truly be, you are much more prone to feel empowered to create and live your life by your design, by your desire.

What gives you life?

What spreads your wings?

Not by what someone else desires for you to believe.

Whatever we believe (positive or negative) strengthens or diminishes our trust in our own innate knowing of what creates a life we truly love.

Remember, no one knows you better than you.

You’ve just been trained from a very young age to believe that others know better than you do about what you require.

How do you change this?

By learning how to use what may be a new tool for you;

It’s called pattern interrupt.

A pattern interrupt is neuro-linguistic programming.

It’s where we exchange an old habit or an unwanted way of thinking about ourselves with a new habit that encourages us to go forth and reach for what truly brings us joy.

Instead of tackling this resistance head on, you can use a pattern interrupt to “swipe the legs” out of the resistance.

So let’s do this together
1. Choose a behavior you’d like to change that you normally perform automatically, without thinking.
2. Observe the pattern and how it runs, what is its route, what turns it on.
3. When you notice a pattern running, use your pattern interrupt repeatedly.
4. Observe what happens to the pattern.

For example

You come home from talking with an aging parent filled with anger for them not being the parent you wanted them to be when you were younger and needed them the most. You approach them now as you were then with all of those belief systems of what you‘ve been told a good parent should be like.

Interesting how we all have our particular beliefs we hold onto from childhood.

Like what a parent should be…for me, or they are not being the parent I want them to be.

Pattern interrupt?

They did the best with the tools they had.

Use this tool as often as that pattern of regret, anger, frustration or disappointment raises its voice in your head.

Replace those emotions dragging you down by opening yourself up to another possibility:
They did the best with the tools that they had.

It’s a tool I use for myself as well.

Whenever i feel those inner voices, judging myself for something I did or said 5, 10 or 15 years ago, I stop and say with acknowledgement for all that was:

I did the best I could with the tools I had
He/she did the best they could with the tools they had

Notice how shifting your thoughts begins to bring your power back into you right away!

Give it a try, hit reply and let me know what pops for you.

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

Big Love,


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