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What Are You Asking The Universe For?

Mon. 17 Feb 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Last Sunday’s Ask Susan Live created a good deal of ‘Ahas’, both online and off; I love it when you write to me! How often do we ask a question, be the question and yet we are too impatient to stick around for what we are asking for – ouch! Watch this related Ask Susan […]

What are You Listening For?

Wed. 12 Feb 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you ever thought about what you’re listening for when you ask a question? Are you looking for: * validation; * foreseeable consequences; * someone to agree with you; * a backup plan; * that you are right; * that you are wrong; * something else? How many of us ask a question expecting the […]

Have You Ever Been Confused By What A Relationship Can Be For You?

Wed. 5 Feb 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you ever been confused by what a relationship can be for you? Or to confuse you further: What have you decided what a relationship can never be for you, that it actually can? Welcome to February with Ask Susan, where I’m celebrating the ‘R’ word all month long. This past week I let the […]

Internalizing Everything – Is This You?

Thu. 30 Jan 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

This week on Ask Susan, I asked: What’s your hot question this week? And this is what popped: 3 questions actually, relating to the same topic… Hi Susan, How do we not internalize everything? How do we learn to accept when we do that and don’t project it on others? Can you relate? I put […]

Are you talking to me?

Mon. 13 Jan 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

I just finished 2 Confident Women Calls, and wow! The energy of those calls really created some changes and an awareness of the lens people are looking through when people come to them and freely give advice on *them, *their work, *their life, *their body, *their relationships as if what others say to you is […]

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