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Commit to taking one step at a time

Commit To Taking One Step at a Time

Tue. 20 Oct 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you ever felt like the more you try to define what you want to create next with your life, the more out of control, you feel? Sometimes the solution is much simpler than you think. I had a client come to me who felt just like this: confused and chaotic. She had lots of […]

ask susan monday rewind commitments

#AskSusan Monday Rewind: What’s Holding You Back From Making Your Commitments?

Mon. 19 Oct 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Did you miss #AskSusan yesterday? Not to worry! Here’s your Monday rewind of our discussion.

Do You Have A Commitment To Always Be Better?

Mon. 12 Oct 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Do you have a commitment to always be better? How many of us have been told: don’t rush into anything; wait for a sign; check out what your competition is doing; practice makes perfect. It’s so tempting to decide we need to perfect ourselves before we commit to a journey. I’ve done it myself, many […]

What Does Commitment Mean To You?

Mon. 5 Oct 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Welcome to October! A new month, a new season, a new space of awareness. At the start of every month, I create a calendar for Congruent Living filled with your asks, comments, and what you would like me to cover. What popped up for this month was Commitment. Love that. Commitment is actually one of […]

What Happens When You Can’t See The Future?

Mon. 21 Sep 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

What do you do when you can’t see the future and you keep looking for it? “Hey Susan, I have so many possibilities willing to create different futures for me and all of it is so interesting. I am choosing to consciously make choices to create the future I truly would like to have. I […]