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What Can You Create When You Let Go?

Sat. 6 Apr 2019  |  Ask Susan

How many times do you get caught in the trap of believing that creating has to be seen as being creative when really creating involves every aspect of our lives? For me, creating means expanding the horizons in all areas of life and living: relationships, possibilities, opportunities, discovering and exploring more and more about… my […]

The Art of Creating Your Life: What have you defined as creation?

Tue. 19 Jun 2018

Sneak Peak! Why now? Why you? Just in case you’re saying “Rats, I missed it”… Here’s a sneak peak into day 1 of The Art of Creating Your Life where I’m holding the doors open for just 24 hours longer to grab a seat in this live group coaching program exploring your relationship with YOU, […]

Discover the Art of Creating Your Life – Interview with Margo Nielsen

Thu. 7 Jun 2018

What if you could create your life just as an artist paints her canvas? What if instead of seeing difficulties and failures you could embark on a dance of discovery, playing with hues and tones, adjusting relationships here, letting go of what no longer works there? You can. You’re the creator of your own journey. […]

Winds of Change

Wed. 27 Dec 2017  |  Nurturing You

I used to get a sense that something massive was terribly wrong in my life and I would spend hours, days, and months stymied by the vast awareness that there was something else I was sent here to do and be. I learned to hide from the world without anyone noticing, all the while pondering […]


Thu. 31 Aug 2017  |  Ask Susan

Q&A: Respect

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