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Is Competition Holding You Back?

Wed. 21 Aug 2019  |  Ask Susan

Were you taught that you have to be competitive? To not stop no matter what? When you decided that you must be competitive, what did you decide about yourself? Did you let go of your brilliance? Who does your competition belong to anyway? Watch this Ask Susan episode to find out what competition really means […]

What Questions Work For Your Reality?

Wed. 14 Aug 2019  |  Ask Susan

What questions are you using to create your reality? Have you been taught to not be a dreamer and take a reality check? Well, since you are your own reality, use this to work with you! Watch this Ask Susan episode to find out what reality you are asking for and question if you are […]

Are You Talking To Me?

Mon. 12 Aug 2019  |  Nurturing You

How do you talk to yourself? Oh c’mon now, we all do it one way or another. So my question is: Are the daily conversations you’re having with you empowering or disempowering your future? So how do you talk to you? Are you empowering yourself by living in the question, by inviting in greater possibilities […]

Are You Hardwired To Forget About You?

Wed. 7 Aug 2019  |  Ask Susan

Do you give, give, give and have lost yourself as a result? What is your foundation and is what you’re choosing vibrating with it? Where is it that you forgot about you? In this episode of Ask Susan, learn the difference between supporting and contributing to what you want to achieve and discover where you […]

Are You Destroying Your Awareness?

Mon. 5 Aug 2019  |  Nurturing You

Welcome to the season of awareness! We know there are lots of changes all around us and beyond us: retrogrades black moons 8 on the 8th with the lion’s gate extensive rains and fires heatwaves shortages and yet I still get those questions of Hey Susan, What the fudge! How come nothing is the same? […]

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