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What Do You Use A Question For?

Mon. 11 Nov 2019  |  Nurturing You

Have you noticed recently how many people are talking about what asking a question creates? Friends of mine have just put out a video on that exact subject and another friend created a Q and A titled, “What’s a question?” It must be in the air… So I thought, why not have some fun with […]

Are Your Questions Working For You?

Mon. 11 Nov 2019  |  Ask Susan

When we were young, we asked questions out of curiosity. But now, do you ask a question from survival? Or do you ask a question with acknowledgment and gratitude from where you are? What’s the point of asking a question? Let’s discuss in today’s Ask Susan show. Watch this: ?   Read more to dive […]

Whose List Are You Listening To?

Mon. 4 Nov 2019  |  Nurturing You

What’s your list? Or should I say, What’s on your list? Have you noticed recently there is a tendency in the air to go through a list of everything that’s not working when asked a simple question like, “What’s up?” Be it politics, the weather, body shape, business, money flows, climate change, or relationships, there’s […]

Whose List Is That Anyway?

Mon. 4 Nov 2019  |  Ask Susan

What’s on your list? Is your list holding you back from being you? Are you making that list your prison? Whose list is it anyway? Are you living your life according to somebody else’s list? In this episode of Ask Susan, we explore how you can free yourself from following someone else’s list, and help […]

Do You Stop Before You Start?

Mon. 28 Oct 2019  |  Ask Susan

Have you ever thought of stopping before even you begin? Was there a time when you didn’t want to share ideas with others because it felt like you’re looking for validation or agreement? How many times were you told to stop? In this episode of Ask Susan, explore how we tend to stop before we […]

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