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Is anger controlling you?

Wed. 15 Feb 2017  |  Ask Susan

Q&A: Is anger controlling you?

I’ve received numerous letters this week related to anger – anger with family, anger at oneself, a husband being angry, you being angry. In this week’s Ask Susan Q&A we explore the question: what are you using anger for?

What are you creating?

Wed. 8 Feb 2017  |  Ask Susan

Q&A: What are you creating?

This week’s “Ask Susan” question comes from someone who wishes to be anonymous. As we dive in, let’s remember that anger is a creation. It’s what you do with it that creates greater.

Q: Hi Susan, Are there any situations where the tools of Access Consciousness just don’t work? With liars, serial cheaters, gas lighters or when dealing with substance abusers, what if you are seriously having problems telling when others are lying to you?

The questions of Access just seem to make me more tolerant of abuse. I’m not saying Access hasn’t helped me, I see many ways I’m more of myself, but I’m also taking a lot more abuse and not getting angry like I used to. I can’t help wonder are these cases where extra support is needed?

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Tue. 31 Jan 2017  |  Ask Susan

Q&A: Are you in an abusive relationship?

This week’s “Ask Susan” question comes from someone who wishes to be anonymous. It is on the subject of abuse, what it’s creating and how to change it. It’s a topic that has come up a lot recently on Facebook and in letters, and is really ringing for a lot of people. Let’s dive in.

QHi Susan, I’ve been with my partner for almost 10 years and he always had this “thing” to go rude and slowly increasing, until I would shout at him. And that would stop him, and he would be kind again for a few months. I have a girl, she’s almost six, I take care of her full time and work part-time (I’m self employed). I pay 40% of the bills. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I’m always “wrong,” “lazy,” “selfish,” “I don’t contribute” – that’s what he tells me.

Lately he’s been increasing his outbursts, becoming resentful, angry, aggressive, withdrawn. Last week he hit our daughter with his elbow very aggressively because she woke him. It was 9 p.m., and I lost it and I hit his back. I don’t remember what I said. He tried to blame her. When I attempt a conversation he blames me because we don’t have enough money.

What question can I ask to change this or end this without drama? What else is possible here that I’m not seeing?

Is the choice you are creating honoring you?

Thu. 26 Jan 2017  |  Ask Susan

Q&A: Is the choice you are creating honoring you?

For this week’s “Ask Susan,” we have questions from two members on the subject of “Where am I in this relationship?”

Q 1. Hi Susan – I finally found a relationship that works for me. He is married. And I would be considered the other woman. I have a point of view about it, not hugely, but I do. So many judgements and so many other things are being thrown at me because of it.

What can I do so it does not emotionally crippled me or him?

Q 2. I have always had the point of view that if I am in a relationship it is me only. I am not willing to share my partner with another. What if I found out my partner was seeing someone else? I love him and can’t seem to let go. He denies he is seeing someone else, yet I get the energy he is. Can I be in allowance of this? Should I simply leave and continue my life by myself?

If I keep him in my life as is, am I diservicing myself and short changing me? Is it possible to love more than one person at the same? He says he will never leave me and he doesn’t want me to leave either. Yet something has changed between us, yet energetically he is still a contribution to me. I am caught in an ebb and flow with my emotions and desires. One minute I want to be with him no matter what, and the next I just want to cut him off completely. I really wish it could be like how it used to be.

What do I do or be here to get clarity of what I should do?

Did you choose a toxic mother?

Tue. 17 Jan 2017  |  Ask Susan

Q&A: Did you choose a toxic mother?

This week’s “Ask Susan” question comes to us from Australia.

Q: Hi Susan, thank you for the chance to ask a question. Trying to be quick here it is: I have a “toxic mother’ and have tried to cut all ties. She keeps sending letters saying she misses me, loves me, has never meant any harm etc. I know that when I let her back in my life, there will be control, insults, and more.

I have sent emails and letters to ask her to stay out of my life, but her partner destroys them before she can see them. I explain that I do not hate her, but for my happiness and mental health it is better if we have no contact. We do have nothing in common. Luckily she lives in Europe and I moved to Australia 30 yrs ago. I am fine when I do not hear from her, but when I get one of those letters I get quite uncomfortable and feel helpless and invaded. I moved and it took her a year, but she got a letter to me!

How do I just leave her be?

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