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What if You Were Never Wrong?

Ask Susan

What if You Were Never Wrong?

Tue. 15 Oct 2019  |  Ask Susan

What sign posts are you using? Were you raised in a reality where you were either right or wrong? What would happen if you expanded out and explored other sign posts to play with that you have acknowledging you? Watch this episode of Ask Susan with the mindset of nothing being right or wrong about […]

Are You Controlling Your Life’s Narrative?

Mon. 14 Oct 2019  |  Ask Susan

Have you ever had your head caught in a hamster wheel? Wrapped up, going around with stuff that’s none of your business? Instead of creating your life, you’re caught in someone else’s situation to distract yourself. Where have you bought someone else’s point of view and life where in fact, you’re actually lying to you. […]

Is the Future Yours to Change?

Thu. 10 Oct 2019  |  Ask Susan

Have you decided with everything going on in the world that it’s not possible to change your future? What does change mean to you? Is your future up to fate? Watch this Ask Susan episode to explore the possibility of the future not being real to what you have been taught and believe. What would […]

Is There A Gap In Your Creations?

Wed. 28 Aug 2019  |  Ask Susan

What does “Mind the Gap” mean to you? How much of your life are you using to fill in the gap in areas that you feel you always need to fill? Are you chasing this gap needlessly? Watch this Ask Susan episode to discover for yourself what you need to create and if you really […]

Is Competition Holding You Back?

Wed. 21 Aug 2019  |  Ask Susan

Were you taught that you have to be competitive? To not stop no matter what? When you decided that you must be competitive, what did you decide about yourself? Did you let go of your brilliance? Who does your competition belong to anyway? Watch this Ask Susan episode to find out what competition really means […]