Commit to taking one step at a time

Have you ever felt like the more you try to define what you want to create next with your life, the more out of control, you feel?

Sometimes the solution is much simpler than you think.

I had a client come to me who felt just like this: confused and chaotic.
She had lots of ideas and thoughts about where she wanted to go with her career, but she was struggling to make a congruent plan

She felt frustrated and overwhelmed.
She was asking herself, where do I begin?

We jumped on a video chat to explore what her targets were. As she talked, it quickly became clear she lacked focus.

So I stopped her. “Where do you do most of your creative thinking about business?”

She paused, clearly confused, then told me most of her planning took place in her office, the room she was currently in.

“Look around,” I said.

Even from my limited view, I could see piles of papers, sticky notes, books in one corner and phone cords in the other. Storage boxes from a move long ago filled almost a quarter of the room.

“It must be hard to strategize when you’re surrounded by so much clutter!”

It was a light bulb moment.

I tasked her to sort through the moving boxes before we spoke next.

This had two beneficial effects: one, her working space was more organized! And two, and perhaps more importantly, she took a small step towards accomplishing something she had secretly promised herself she would do.

It wasn’t entirely about the clutter itself (although that played a part) it was also about learning to break things down into manageable steps. I’m a big proponent of chunking it down.

One intentional step at a time leads to a whole bunch of steps you never thought were possible.

The next time we spoke, her mind was much clearer. She felt confident that with my help, she could create an actionable plan for the rest of the year to reach her career and life targets.

Sometimes you need “fresh eyes” to help you to recognize what is cluttering up your mind and clear it in small manageable steps!

I’m the person you come to when you desire clarity on what you want to create next and how you want to create it.

Let’s chat and discover what’s truly possible for you when you have my “fresh eyes” to help you explore what’s really stopping you.