Congruent Living Laser Coaching

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with Susan Lazar Hart

Susan Lazar Hart
Susan Lazar Hart

Have you always known you were different?

As a child, I remember summers at my grandmother’s house by the seashore. The adults would put me out on the sidewalk with a bunch of colored chalks and leave me for hours to create my own worlds of fantasy and reality.

As I moved up through grade school, I became aware I had a different way of being in the world. Mine was filled with possibilities, theirs was filled with rules and regulations
In grammar school, I was told to be grateful I was graduating, even though “they” had written me off as mentally challenged.

In high school I was labeled the rebel who went through three schools in four years; yet, I was elected by the student body to represent their grievances to the faculty, appointed editor of the school yearbook, and voted in as class valedictorian.

It took me 10 years to earn my undergraduate degree while raising four kids. When I received my masters in painting, my graduating class made fun of my thesis–yet asked me to give the closing speech at graduation. By the time I was 60 I was traveling the world, CEO of my own company Right Relationship for You, and generating over 6 figures annually. I’ve been happily married for 41 years!

Are you catching a theme here?

It took me years to understand that what people said about me was none of my business. And when I did, my entire world changed.

Why do I share this with you?

Because for the most part, we’re encouraged to value how the world sees us and react in kind. But here’s the deal: It’s not how the world sees you that counts.

What does count?

It’s acknowledging who you truly be in the world and rising to create the changes you know are possible for you.

Through working with clients across the world, the biggest thing they have learned from me is this: Never discount you or your knowing. And don’t invite others to do it for you either.

Letting go of the story people have written for you, which IS holding you back, is the greatest invitation your future can ever have. How exciting is that?!?

Introducing Congruent Living Laser Coaching

A personal coaching program individually designed with your needs in mind.

You’ll walk away with a new sense of trust in your awareness and clear direction and focus on how to create your future. And best of all? Your happiness quotient will go through the roof!

Have you always known there was something greater here for you?

This 6 month coaching program is for you if you are:

* a seeker;
* tired of being frustrated;
* looking for support;
* committed to self-discovery;
* demanding to unlock your special sauce, develop your skills, and lean into what fulfills you.

Yes, you can make a difference–and I’ve got your back.

WARNING: Congruent Living Coaching is not for you….
* If you love your excuses more than you love yourself;
* If you’ve decided you can’t afford to invest in yourself;
* If you’re committed to holding onto the habits and stories of what’s holding you back, rather than releasing your past with gratitude (so you can really appreciate the future that is tugging at you).

Here’s what Tessa Grey and Muskaan Jain had to say about our work together: 

I wasn’t in a great place at the start of the year, I felt I needed some help to get me through moving on to a new place. Little did I know Coronavirus would shut my business down and within a few weeks, it felt right to work with Susan.

I was so grateful to have someone see the bigger picture in how I help people I have struggled being confident in being visible online, but as a result of working with Susan, I seemed to draw in the right people to help me launch an Easter online declutter wardrobe challenge, which was brilliant and I will do it again.

I have a new name for my business and I am finding it much easier to work with clients online, which is better for everyone! I found the inspiration to re-launch The Kids Cooking Club, which was set up as a fun fundraising site for my nieces and nephew.

I can’t wait to see where my business goes from here!

Tessa Grey

What was it that had you choose to work with Susan?

Every now and then I was struggling to be me, choose for me, have clarity. Sometimes I felt I was in a situation where doing the right thing was not what I wanted….. My mind was going crazy many times a week. I knew I needed GUIDANCE and Support to be more of Me. As I know if I am being me things are easier but I wasn’t able to have that space for me in many situations. So when I saw this offer of working with Susan, I knew it would be a contribution. Money was a concern, so I hesitated to buy the same day I found it. But I could not get it out of my head. I kept asking will working with Susan’s help and got yes every time. I took like a week to buy coz I had a point of view about spending this much money on Me. I wasn’t used to this kind of thing and actually having this kind of support

What specific results have you experienced as a result of our relationship?

Whenever I am not able to be a space of joy for me I know I have Susan to offer insights and direction that will give me MORE OF ME. ALSO now when I begin to lose the space of ME , I BOOK appointments. One more thing is I am more aware of what it is coz I need to put it in words for my session so in order to do that I look at it from a different angle. I am not always in my story now. My way of looking at things/problems has changed. In the last 4 months with Susan being there for Me, I now look at things/problems as I just need more information on this.

What’s next on your agenda as we work together?

to create a life that works for me. To build habits and systems that work for my health, happiness, and joyful living. To actually Play here, live fully my way!

Muskaan Jain

Who is Susan

Susan is fearless in how she approaches life.

Known as “Laser” Hart to her clients for her ability to beam right in on whatever the issue is, Susan is also an international speaker, author, and motivational coach who has worked with thousands of women who struggle to bring more meaning into their lives.

She has an uncanny and intuitive ability in helping her clients discover what they truly want to create with their lives — then guiding them with questions and insights to make those changes.

Susan has been featured at One Woman, Vermont Women’s Expo, The National Women’s Show: Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal; Breakfast Television, Right Relationship for You, and The Greatest Year of Your Life 2017 and 2018 with George Carroll.

Her clients describe her as joyful, tenacious, creative and super supportive. When she’s not mentoring clients, Susan can be  found exploring the world, hiking and biking with her husband Ricky, painting in her studio, tending to her vegetable garden, cooking in the kitchen with a great Pinot Noir at her side, taking long walks in the sunrise and celebrating life with her children and grand beings.