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Creating With Congruent Energies


Creating With Congruent Energies

Mon. 22 Jun 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Are you done, yet?
That about sums up how I was feeling these last few days
and when I’m done here’s one thing I know for sure,
There’s always a new possibility and a different pathway that’s tugging at me to investigate.

Time to create congruency
* what I know is possible;
* for me;
* for you;
* for the planet.

Who’s up for some change?

Watch this related Ask Susan episode that examines the world of congruency: what it means to be congruent; how to play with congruent energies and how to spot with ease when you’re out of congruency with what brings you joy. We discuss this and more in this episode of Ask Susan where we talk about how if something isn’t working, what is it that you can shift and change to have it congruent with how you would like to see you in the world and how you like to see the world.

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