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Creating with Magic, Are You In?


Creating with Magic, Are You In?

Fri. 20 Mar 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Wondering what to do with yourself during a pandemic?
Did you know:
the best antidote for confusion and mayhem is awareness and being in the question?
What do questions create?

to expand your self-leadership in the face of a world gone mad”
.- thank you, Lisa Murray

What does living in the question create?
When you allow yourself to be in the question, your reality changes and possibilities grow;
* magic;
* presence;
* creativity;
* relationships;
* money flows;
* confidence;

I’m just home from Costa Rica and here’s the news I’ve been reading.

Within the last few days the lives of virtually everyone, in most countries, have been turned upside down.

With the uncertainty of our current situation, compounded by major media, social media, experts, forecasters, and our own government, we all feel like we really have no idea what the next day will bring. We seem to be living in fear rather than awareness.

On Last Sunday’s Ask Susan Sunday Live we talked about lifting off the veil of fear of this reality –
I am so grateful for the feedback:

Yes…yes..yes….you are so on target…Thank you for putting this into words
-Susan Gries

Thank you, Susan, so many good tips
-Sandy Semilet

The freedom in 50-50, thank you for that awareness
-Gitte Ziebell Hertz

This week on our Ask Susan facebook,
I put up a poll asking you for what would create the biggest POP in your universe that you’d like to create with,
and the response that created the most hits was

Watch this related Ask Susan episode that examines Creating With Magic, Are you In?  Are you willing to create with magic as the infinite being you truly be? What could that create for you? For the world?  We explore these questions and more in this episode of Ask Susan where we talk about how magic starts with you being present and acknowledging who you be, and how it is not magic if you have an expectation.

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